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Painting your wood fired oven

Here at Stone Bake HQ, a question we get asked a lot is ‘Can I paint my oven?’ The answer to this is YES! However, we do have a few guidelines you will need to follow in order to get the best results possible.

Our Primo 60 and Mezzo 76 can be purchased in their core form meaning that once assembled, they are ready to go. All of our core ovens are a traditionally rustic, terracotta colour. Some customers may decide that they wish to change this colour to suit their garden design. It’s so simple to do this; you just need to make sure that you use a high heat paint that is suitable for external use.

Our recommended supplier is Cornish Lime and their Beeck Mineral Paints are best suited to our ovens. They have a large range of different colours on offer, from cobalt blue to purple! Another great thing about Cornish Lime is that they offer test pots, which is ideal if you’re not sure which colour to go for. We also recommend bailey paints

Before painting your Go oven, we also highly recommend that you apply the Stone Bake Oven Sealant .The sealant will act as a weatherproofing agent meaning that it remains dry and won’t compromise your fire up time.


Kit Ovens
There’s a bit more flexibility when it comes to our Kit ovens because once insulated, there will be little heat transfer. This means that you can use a standard masonry paint that is suitable for external use, which is available from any good builders merchants.

For more inspiration, check out our inspiration to see what some of our customers have achieved- we love this purple one! 20150621_163033-1-1000x1000

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