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Wood Fired New Years Eve

So Christmas is over for another year but there is one more celebration to look forward to before we are firmly back to our normal routines, wondering how on earth it’s 2015 already!

New Years Eve is different for everyone – some party hard, for some it’s a small gathering with family and friends and for others it may be just an excuse for a cosy night in doing absolutely nothing! Whatever category your celebrations fall into, we have prepared some festive, foodie treats that can be cooked in your wood fired oven that we think will work perfectly at any New Years Eve bash.

  • The Festive, Family Fireworks Party


A traditional gathering for family and friends is to get together, brave the cold and welcome in the New Year with some fireworks! Your wood fired oven will be everyone’s favourite place to gather around to keep warm but if you really want to please your guests, churning out some satisfying wood fired food is the way to do it.hotdogs

Wood Fired Hot Dogs

No messing around just simply whack your dogs in the oven at a grilling temperature when your guests are feeling hungry, turning regularly to get a good colour all over. Hot dog rolls can be prepped in advance and your guests can help themselves to condiments! Whilst your sausages are finishing off, place some chopped red onions with a drizzle of olive oil and a table spoon of sugar in a roasting dish and serve up your hot dogs with a healthy dollop of quick-roasted caramelised onions!


Wood Fired Baked Sweet Potatoes with Chilli Con Carne –

Again, a super easy idea that can be prepared in advance. During the day, fire up your oven to optimum temperature and allow it to cool to around 250 degrees C. In the meantime, cook up your favourite chilli con carne recipe and once cooked, place the chilli and some sweet potatoes in your wood fired oven to slowly cook in the residual heat allowing for the flavours of the chilli to develop. When your guests arrive, remove the chilli and fire up the oven again to crisp off the sweet potatoes skins. Guests can then help themselves to a potato each, a spoonful of chilli con carne and a massive dollop of sour cream!

  • The Sophisticated Soirée

If you are looking to impress this New Years Eve, some tasty canapé style treats would be the perfect accompaniment to the evening. champagne2

We have already compiled some recipes for wood fired party bites that would be perfect for a New Years Eve party including:

Stone Bake. Honey glazed pigs in blankets

Festive Tear and Share Bread

Brie and Cranberry Parcels

Pigs in Blankets with Cranberry Dip

 – Mini Cream Cheese and Chive Jackets!


  • The Boozy Blowout


For some, NYE is the perfect excuse to really let your hair down and see the New Year in with a memorable bang! If you plan to host a night of merriment and dancing, you will need to prepare something to fuel your guests’ dance moves and soak up the festive drinks.

It seems obvious, but wood fired pizzas will go down an absolute treat half way through the evening – doughy, cheesy goodness will ensure your guests don’t over do it and satisfy their hunger levels meaning they will (hopefully!) make it until the midnight countdown!

You can find some wood fired pizza recipes here on our website and Pinterest is a great place for pizza topping inspiration too! 

  • The Morning After


We’ve all been there. Having had a few too many bubbles the day before, the following day can be a struggle – especially if you have to entertain. But fear not! The great thing about firing up your wood fired oven the night before means that if your oven is insulated, it will still be warm enough to cook in in the morning! If your oven is in it’s core form, it shouldn’t take too long to fire it back up ready for breakfast.


Wood fired bacon, sausages and eggs will always go down well with weary guests or if they are in need of a sugar boost to get energy levels going, pastries and croissants can be cooked or warmed through in your oven. Minimal effort needed but you will be everyone’s best friend. And who knows, if you feed your guests a yummy ‘morning after’ wood fired breakfast, they might even help you tidy up the carnage made from the night before!

We hope you enjoyed this NYE blog post and please let us know if you try any of the above recipes and suggestions. Send your photos through to or Tweet or Facebook us your pics!

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