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Top Tips for Autumn Outdoor Eating

And just like that, another blink-and-you’ll-miss-it summer is under our belts and Autumn is firmly upon us. Before we turn our heads and Christmas appears, we thought we’d drop you a post to give you some tips and tricks on how you can switch up your outdoor eating space. We aim to take you from Summer to Autumn with just a few, easy tweaks that’ll have you reaching for your favorite chunky knit jumper and comfy boots and braving the garden once more!

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  • Creating an Autumn Atmosphere

Your eating space throughout summer was most likely understated and simple – allowing the natural sunlight to do it’s magical thing and make everything and everyone look as though they are meant to be there. However, as the fresher weather approaches the transition in temperature can make it harder to convince your friends and family to sit outside, no matter how good your pizza cooking skills are! It is essential therefore to make sure the space is warm and inviting. A couple of easy additions will make the world of difference in creating a super-cozy autumnal haven…

Warm white or yellow fairly lights strung around your outdoor space (not too close to your oven of course!) will automatically make what might initially feel like a chilly early evening into an inviting and comfortable place for your guests to spend the evening.

Another autumnal addition that’ll warm up the appearance of your garden are lanterns and tea lights. Whether they hang from poles in the garden, are strung along a washing line or sit upon your table, they will immediately add warmth to any setting. Gardencentres and homeware shops are heaving with cute outdoor and indoor lanterns, big and small that can be taken to the next level of cozy by adding a simple tea light candle

Fairy lights and lanterns a bit too twee for you? Some classic pillar candles in a variety of shapes and sizes plonked onto a simple slate will do exactly the same job with minimum effort. What’s best is the messier the candle wax gets the better they look – it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

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  • Perfect Place Settings and Centrepieces 

If you are taking things a little more formal and looking for ways to jazz up your dinner party table, there are so many Autumn place setting ideas that are so easy to implement – you can even get the kids involved!

Think pinecones, conkers, twigs, acorns and dry leaves. Either whack them all in a bowl for an effortless centrepiece or use the individual items to dress each person’s place setting. Slate and chalk form the perfect name label and rustic twine is perfect to hold together cutlery and a napkin.

Whether it’s Halloween or not, pumpkins are a perfect, inexpensive addition to autumn centerpieces. Now offered in a whole range of shapes, sizes and colours you can really go to town in your local supermarket. Our favorites are the baby pumpkins or ‘munchkins’.

candles centre piece2        candles centre piece3        candles centre piece2

  • Food Glorious Food!

Of course it wouldn’t be a Stone Bake blog post with out a little nod to our favourite thing – FOOD! With a change of season comes a change of food available in the shops. We particularly like to make use of the awesome root veg available in the supermarkets and using the residual heat of our wood fired ovens to roast them up. Beetroot, squash, parsnips, carrots – whatever you like!

Make the most of Halloween pumpkins in the shops. Top your pizzas with pumpkin flesh and sage or even bake a pumpkin pie in the oven using a baking temperature with your oven door in place.

Want something sweet to warm your cockles on a fresh Autumn evening? The residual heat in our wood fired ovens is perfect for baked apples. Simply pop your cored cooking apples in a large dish and sprinkle with brown sugar, cinnamon and sultanas allowing the ingredients to fall down the hollow core. Bake until the skin begins to slide off the apple, serve with ice cream and dig in!

pumpkin pizza baked apples1squash wood fired

We hope these tips help you and hopefully encourage you to make the most of your outdoor entertaining spaces despite the change in weather! We’ve made an Autumn Dining Ideas Pinterest board for some further pictures and inspiration. If you take on any of these tips, we’d love to see your photos!

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