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Stone Bake Focaccia

A great recipe for friends and family, place in your wood fired oven and serve as an accompaniment to many meals…

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You may find it useful to watch the Pizza Dough Video, for tips on how to knead your dough.


1 ½ tsp active dry Yeast, or 2 tsp of fresh Yeast

½ pint of luke warm water.

500 g strong white bread flour – more needed for dusting

1½ tsp table salt.

4 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – more needed for greasing and topping

2 tsp Coarse Sea Salt, Optional sprigs of  Rosemary, Sage or Pitted Olives for topping

Oven Environment:

Baking Environment, see the Cooking Techniques Guide


Add yeast to the tepid water, do not stir, leave for a few minutes to dissolve.

In a mixing bowl combine your flour and table salt, make a well in the centre and add the oil, and yeast slowly, stir in until a smooth and sticky consistency is achieved.

Knead the dough on a floured surface for 10 minutes, adding in flour if you need it, see the Pizza Dough Video. The dough should now be smooth and non-sticky, it should not stick to your hands.

Oil a large mixing bowl (large enough for the dough to rise) and place the dough into it, cover with cling film and allow to rise over 1 ½ hours in a mildly warm environment.

Oil a large flat pan generously, lay out the dough into it, kneading and stretching it to fit the pan, cover with a damp tea towel and allow to rest and rise further for 25 minutes. Systematically press your fingertips deep into the dough to make dimples, cover again and leave to rest and rise for another 30 minutes.


Sprinkle sea salt and olive oil over the focaccia.

Alternatively, push small sprigs of rosemary into the dough mix, or add sage or pitted olives to the kneading process for a different flavour.


Place in your wood fired pizza oven for 35-45 minutes or until the focaccia is crusty on top and cooked through.  Cover with foil if the top is browning too quickly.