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September 19′ Oven of the Month – Stuart & Barbara Cook

Congratulations to Stuart and Barbara Cook for their fantastic Mezzo 76 kit oven. We absolutely love the Mediterranean style of their pizza oven and whole garden, it looks like it was well worth the wait!

Stuart and Barbara have put together some lovely words about their pizza oven journey;

“I had been thinking about building a pizza oven for a few years.  Having done a lot of research as to what type to build I discovered The Stone Bake Oven Company and dropping lots of hints to my wife Barbara, we paid a visit to the Stone Bake Oven Company to see what ovens were available.  We decided on The Mezzo 76.  The staff were very helpful and many questions were thrown at them prior to us purchasing our oven. 

Shortly after our visit we decided to move with a view that our next home would have a pizza oven installed.  We found our perfect property off plan and moved into it in March 2018.  We had the perfect siting for our new oven.  So we designed our garden around the oven. 

We finally purchased our oven from the Stone Bake Oven Company at Christmas in readiness for the garden to be landscaped in the new year.  It was delivered in the January, very well packed and remained in the garage alongside all our building materials that had been sourced for the garden.  Our garage had become a builders merchant yard, with the oven placed in its glory waiting for the day to be introduced to the garden. 

I was itching to get the oven installed but had to wait for all the ground work to be done before we could then have the oven built.  Finally in March, one year later from when we moved in, we were in a position to install our oven.

Our landscaper had never built a pizza oven but with the manuals supplied he was able to construct the base. 

So the base was built, and then 4 strong men braved it and helped to place the oven on top of the base (with promises of pizza as payment)!! 

Insulated, rendered and then painted.  With a few accessories dotted around it.

Finally, garden finished and oven lit.

We are now the proud owners of a pizza oven in our Mediterranean garden.

We wanted an oven which would retain its heat and we could use all year round.

We are so delighted with the results and now waiting for the rugby season to commence so that we can leave food to slowly cook whilst we are supporting our rugby team, and to return with friends to some slow cooked food.”

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