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April 18′ Oven of the Month – Neale Harrison

Welcome to April’s oven of the month. Congratulations to our winner’s Neale and Julie Harrison and their impressive Mezzo 76 Kit.

Here’s what Neale and Julie wanted to share with you: 

Our appreciation of great pizza really started when we moved to a small town near Venice for a 2.5 year work secondment. It soon became apparent that not all pizzas were the same and consequently we started to only eat in pizzerias with a wood fired oven. In Italy that wasn’t a restriction as it’s fairly common to find wood fired ovens but on returning to the UK we found it increasingly difficult to get pizza cooked how we like it – with a nice crispy base! We had considered bringing back an oven from Italy but it ended up not being practical. A quick google search when we were back in the UK revealed that the Stone Bake Oven Company was the ideal place to buy a kit and very soon after, it was sitting in a wooden crate on the drive. This was November and we gave ourselves until March to research how it should look and what type of structure we would build.

Despite having no brick laying skills at all we decided that a brick structure would look best in our garden next to our summer house, especially as we had kept the roof felt and paint so we could match them up! Two more decisions to make – the bricks and whether to include a storage area for the wood underneath. After many nights of searching on the internet for bricks that would be easy to lay and look different in the end we went for bricks cut from Yorkshire stone from a local quarry – not the cheapest way to do it but now having completed the build we are really pleased with how it looks.

Now to the wood storage area which most ovens have within their design. We decided fairly early on that the compressed wood material sold by the Stone Bake Oven Company would be the fuel we would use, we decided to design the base without a storage area and keep the wood in the summer house instead.

Most of the design is based on the plans on the website so this is an excellent place to start. The upper section and the roof were more our design to match up with the summer house but we are really pleased with the final result.

So after all of this have we been pleased with what we have cooked – absolutely! Pizzas are fantastic and so quick to cook, we’ve also experimented with cooking pulled pork over a Saturday night to be ready for Sunday lunch and a slow roasted leg of lamb. Whilst we love our BBQ’s it does seem extra special to invite friends and family over for pizza!”

Neale has kindly shared some images with us going through each stage of his build! 

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning Oven of the Month, simply send in photos of your oven and some feedback to Whether you purchased your oven a while ago or are a new customer, we would love to hear from you!