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The Perfect Pizza

Nine times out of ten, when customers look to buy a wood fired oven they have one thing on their mind and that is ‘The P Word’. Of course our ovens are suitable for cooking in a huge range of techniques and the dishes you can create are endless but there is nothing quite like a wood fired pizza, stone baked directly on the oven floor and cooked to perfection!

We do a lot of talking about pizza (well, just food in general really!) here at Stone Bake and whilst our recipe and cooking techniques sections help you make a delicious dough and tomato sauce, we thought it might be useful to you for us to put all our pizza tips into one place with the aim to present to you ‘The Perfect Pizza’.

Stone Bake Dough

Pizza Dough

We have an existing recipe for pizza dough which is really easy and really effective.

If you want to make your pizza dough that extra bit special we recommend using good quality flour. Our recommended flour would be the red Caputo Rinforzata ‘00’ Flour. If you want to get technical, this flour has a higher protein level meaning it is ideal for long rise dough – taking your pizzas to the next level! The blue Caputo ‘00’ flour is also great for wood fired pizzas. You can purchase Caputo flour online. Try Amazon and …..


Whilst dough making can be quite a technical art, we appreciate that many people simply do not have the time to perfect their recipe down to a T. Therefore, as a general rule, if your dough is quite sticky and difficult to handle, add more of the dry ingredients to counteract this (i.e. extra flour). If your dough is quite dry, simply play around with adding more of the wet ingredients such as oil and water.

Stone Bake Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce

Again, on our recipe section we have an existing recipe for tomato sauce which is simple and delicious.

Our tip for making the best tomato base sauce is to use good quality tomatoes. Whilst they may cost slightly more than your standard chopped, tinned tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes are considered the tastiest variety of tomatoes in the world! Usually bought in tins as whole plum tomatoes (which can then be whizzed down into a sauce), you can buy them from all major supermarkets.

Pizza Assembly

A common mistake when making pizza is to get somewhat over-excited and begin topping your pizza on a surface or worktop, forgetting that you then have to somehow transfer that pizza into the oven!

When assembling your pizza ready for the wood fired oven, be sure to place your pizza dough onto a wooden pizza peel. If you are noticing that your dough is sticking, lightly dusting the peel with flour can help reduce this. Another great tip is using dry semolina to ‘dust’ your pizza peel with – the course, gritty texture of the semolina helps the pizza dough slide easily off the pizza peel when placing the pizza into the oven. Remember, whatever you decide to use, dust the peel prior to laying your base on top otherwise it’s too late!

Pizza Topping

When it comes to topping the pizza base, less is more! If you use too much tomato sauce, the base will struggle to crisp up. Similarly, overloading the pizza with ‘wet’ toppings such as pineapple or olives may contribute to a soggy pizza. Make sure you fully drain and dry any toppings before putting them on your pizza!


Mozzarella is a prime suspect for holding a lot of moisture! Before topping your pizza with the stringy, cheesy goodness, squeeze the mozzarella ball over a bowl to release some of the moisture and roll the mozzarella on kitchen towel to dry it before using.

Once your pizza has been topped, don’t leave it too long before placing your pizza into the oven. If you leave your uncooked pizza on the wooden peel for too long you may find the moisture of your tomato sauce and toppings begins to sink into the dough making it really difficult to slide off the peel.

Finishing Touches

Managing Director of The Stone Bake Oven Company and Pizza-Maker Extraordinaire, Tom has a few finishing touches that take his pizzas to new heights that are super easy for anyone to achieve!

Tom recommends a sprinkling of parmesan all over the pizza just before cooking – this creates some lovely crispy accents on the pizza’s crust as well as the saltiness of the parmesan seasoning the pizza really nicely.

Stone Bake Pizza

A few fresh basil leaves add a fragrant freshness to any pizza and they crisp up really nicely in the short time that the pizza is in the oven. Alternatively if you prefer, you can add basil on at the end. The green basil makes the colours on your pizza pop which, as well as looking super appetizing, makes your pizza Instagram-ready (come on, we all love a good food snap to make our friends jealous)!

A drizzling of olive oil before or after the pizza has been cooked really enhances the all round flavour of the ingredients as well as aiding the crisping of any meat you might have topped on your pizza (think fried, crispy parma ham…drool!). Olive oil also adds a lovely glossiness to your pizza, again making it super appetising and attractive to look at!

Pizza Cooking64882_519580218088942_234095613_n

At optimum temperature (450 degrees C), a pizza should be able to cook in around 60 seconds. Once you place your pizza in the center of the oven leave it for at least 20 seconds. This will allow the base of the pizza to start cooking and crisping up making it much easier to rotate.

For the rest of the cook, using a metal pizza peel, turn the pizza two or three times ensuring all edges become charred. You should notice the pizza crust bubbling and the toppings on the pizza getting a slight colour. Once your pizza crust has risen all around, remove it from the oven and serve immediately.


Once your pizza is out the oven, all you want to do is get stuck in. Don’t struggle with plates too small for the epic pizza you’ve just made, purchase some pizza plates to accommodate the doughy goodness!


Slicing your pizza with a pizza cutter immediately after removing from the oven whilst the base is still crispy makes the job a lot easier.


Well there you have it! We hope our recipes, tips and tricks have helped and inspired you to get the best out of your pizza and of course as always we want to see your pictures! Facebook, Tweet or email them to

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