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All you need to know about adapting your flue

As standard, your oven will arrive with a straight flue at the front of the oven- shown in the image below. However you can adapt this if you wish!


When delivered your flue will be in its original stainless steel form, however you can paint this black if you prefer. To achieve the look below, be sure to use a matte black stove paint. We now also sell black flues at an extra cost is this is how you wish to stylise your oven.


Using 45° angle bends you can change the direction of your flue and where it appears to leave the oven. You can view the angle bends on our website here. Once the additional flue pieces have been installed you can then render/ enclose the oven to conceal the bends.


















If you want to increase the length of your flue then you can absolutely do this using our additional 500mm flue lengths (suitable for the Primo or Mezzo ovens), check these out here.

If you are going to be passing your flue through a roof/ wall, then you will most likely need a twin wall, insulated flue system. As we are not specialists in the field, we cannot advise ourselves as every job is specific to the customer. We would instead recommend to contact a HETAS registered engineer to undertake a flue survey where they can advise further. You can find your local engineer here.

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