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February 18′ Oven of the Month – Neil & Jo Whitehurst

Welcome to February’s oven of the month, congratulations to Neil & Jo Whitehurst for their amazing Mezzo 76 kit!

Neil and Jo opted for a classic white render dome, but have teamed it with a complex brick stand design and created an incredible outdoor kitchen!

Read what they had to say about their experience here:

“When we were looking at which oven to buy, the Stone Bake website was very important in our decision to go with a Stone Bake pizza oven. We had looked at a number of ovens of differing costs and quality. The level of skills required to build some of these ovens was also a factor in our decision. 

We had employed a local landscape gardener to build our new patio. He was very good at standard patios but had never built a pizza oven base before, he was happy to try something new. The website with its detailed manuals and previous customer’s photos helped us choose the Mezzo76 as the perfect oven for us. This decision was made easy because we were confident that, of all the ovens on sale, this one would be the right size, easy to install and wouldn’t be too expensive.  

We were concerned about the weight of the oven, a friend at work had taken delivery of a pizza oven that came in one piece and had problems getting it in to situ in their garden. Looking at the videos on your web site reassured us that the oven could be carried in pieces by a few able people from the garage to the back garden. I have included some pictures of the oven being built because we also found these photos posted by other people invaluable help in our process. 

When the day came to put the oven in place, it took 3 people to put the top on the oven in a few minutes. As soon as the top was on and we stood back to admire our new oven and, Molly the cat decided it was her new home! We kept the oven in its natural state for a few months because we were going to render it ourselves, but, couldn’t pluck up the courage! In the end, we did chicken out and a more able friend rendered the oven after we insulated it and put the chicken wire round it. 

We are so pleased with our new oven and have cooked many things in it, breads, pizzas, both shop bought and homemade, chickens, lamb, prawns and T-bone steak, to name just a few. Our friends love our new garden and oven and we seem to get more people popping round for dinner time these days!

 A big thank you to you and your team for the guidance which you make readily available. We are thrilled with our new patio and it wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance we found at the Stone Bake Oven Company.” 

A big thank you to Neil and Jo for such wonderful comments, we hope you keep enjoying your oven for many years to come!

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning Oven of the Month, simply send in photos of your oven and some feedback to Whether you purchased your oven a while ago or are a new customer, we would love to hear from you!