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Laura Visits Bosco Pizzeria Bristol


After fitting two of our Gozney Professional Ovens into Bosco’s kitchen a couple of months ago, I simply had to head to Bristol to see the results of all their hard work and determination.

During the planning process I met the Bosco team and spent some time with Jake, the head chef. Jake told me all about the teams many creative ideas for the restaurant which they have successfully put into practice! Their ideas and concepts for the restaurant were made a reality in the forms of sourcing the very best cured meats from the heart of Italy, having a meat presentation fridge, two large ovens on display and two professional Piziolos from Naples in the kitchen.

It was so great to see all their hard work paying off after the time we have spent working with the Bosco team to aid them in their oven selection and dough development process, all the while learning a lot from them, and them from us.

Now, I’ve been to many a pizza joint, and I’m pretty fussy but I was completely bowled over with the lively vibe and design of the restaurant. These guys are definitely all they’re cracked up to be. It was a Friday night and the restaurant was bustling!

With Miles, the owner and founder of Bosco Pizzeria and his wife Charlie, we had a bar seat overseeing all the pizza chef action. Watching the pizza cook before our eyes in our G120 ovens was just awesome! It was a front row seat to all the food creations, the smells were insane and I could not wait to taste it all!

IMG_6104  Bosco Pizzeria. Gozney Professional Ovens. 1  IMG_6115

I tried the Sicilian style octopus cooked in our very own Gozney Oven, Roman style artichokes, Coppa Stagionato, Lardo (cured meats), Emilia Romagna Pizza, for dessert Zeppole (bit like dough nuts) and the poached bitter chocolate cake. What can I say apart from wow, it was foodie heaven and totally amazing!

Bosco have just got it right, from their big friendly team to their great atmosphere and design, with a clear view of the open kitchen. You can clearly see the amount of care and attention that is taken by Jake the head chef.

All in all it was amazing and I can’t recommend it highly enough! Check out some of their rocking reviews here on Trip Advisor and check out this video of the chef’s in action! Bosco Video