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October Oven of the Month

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The very worthy winner of this month’s best oven is Roshi Saul! His mosaic, hand tiled Primo 60 is just amazing – we love it!

When I asked Roshi how he went about the design and how he got the idea behind the peacock pattern, he told us all:

“I decided on a peacock design because my parents were from Sri Lanka, and the peacock is often used as a cultural motif there.  I also thought it would be quite eye catching!”

“I do a lot of mosaics, so now I know that the way to approach it is to be as ambitious as possible, and not to be too daunted by the task. What I always remind myself is:  the design always looks brilliant after it has been grouted.  I drew the picture straight on to the oven, and used it as a basic guideline.  I then worked out the colours for the feathers, and the tiles I would use, and it came together nicely. I kept referring back to a photograph of a peacock, which is where the detailing came from.  It took a few weeks, on and off, to complete: there are two peacocks, one on each side.  The background was laborious, but there’s something very therapeutic about mosaicking.  Finally, I finished it with a frost resistant grout.  When I washed it down and polished it up, it looked fabulous.”

“It was all so worth it and the oven stays warm for hours longer, now it’s been insulated.”

The care and time Roshi took to create the final look of his oven really makes him a worthy winner and his beautiful Primo 60 just had to be crowned as October’s oven of the month!

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