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How to build your wood fired oven indoors

Although our oven range was designed primarily to live outside, we get many customers who decide to incorporate their oven into their indoor kitchen. We’ve put together all of the standard guidelines for building one of our wood fired ovens indoors. Every install will be different depending on the building and the area of the country so, it’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure they meet any building regulations and laws.

Which oven?
The ovens that are suited for indoor builds are the Mezzo 76 Kit, Vento 100 and the Gusto 120. All of these ovens are DEFRA exempt therefore; they are suitable to be used for indoor use, even in smoke controlled zones!

Our recommended clearances for Kit ovens are 100mm from the oven to any combustible materials. When building one of our ovens indoors, it is essential to use all of the insulation materials supplied with the oven so there is minimal heat transfer from the oven to any of your internal walls or structures. To ensure the safest installation possible, you can use pourable insulation such as vermiculite to fill any void space.Judith Jungmayr - Vento

Flue extraction
The flue gets extremely hot when in use so there must be specific guidelines followed as it can be a fire hazard. Therefore, the flue must be a twin wall, insulated flue system. As we don’t specialise in flue systems, we suggest contacting your local flue specialist for more information. Alternatively contact HETAS who should be able to undertake a flue survey at your property. Click here, enter your postcode to find a HETAS registered installer local to you.

As with all of our Kit ovens, you’ll need to build your own stand. This stand must be able to withhold the weight of your oven and there should be no combustible materials running directly underneath your oven, as it does get extremely hot. We recommend placing your oven on a concrete plinth that’s at least 150mm in thickness.

There are two main ways to install your oven indoors. Firstly, many customers decide to build the whole of their oven indoors. This means that the oven dome will also be built inside your property giving you the full Italian pizzeria effect.

Other customers prefer to have just the oven mouth on show. To do this, you’ll need to pass the oven mouth through your wall. Some customers will build the whole oven into the wall cavity so the dome is completely hidden. Alternatively, you can build a stand outside your chosen wall and have the dome of the oven outside. As long as you have used all the insulation materials and have fully insulated the oven, this won’t compromise the 24+ hours heat retention.

No matter what indoor design you go for, we’re certain that you’ll be able to successfully incorporate your wood fired oven within your kitchen!

If you need more advice on how to build your oven inside your property then please feel free to give us a call on 01425 204985.

For more information on our wood fired ovens, please visit the product pages.

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