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Eden Project floods inspire the introduction of the “Primo Oven” to their Mediterranean Biome.

For the first time in 10 years the famous Eden Project was forced to close due to a disastrous flood leaving their restaurants under 3 foot of water and rendering a huge amount of catering equipment useless. The dedicated Eden staff worked around the clock to restore the damage that had been done, but new ways of producing food fast and of high quality were needed.

Each year the Eden Project receives a million visitors, with the catering out of action and eager to re-open, Eden had to revise a new dining solution as the damage created within the central “Link” building was going to take time and planning to restore to its former glory. The idea to introduce cooking stations within the Mediterranean Biome was born.

Tom Gozney, founder of The Stone Bake Oven Company had already demonstrated the new “Primo Oven” at The Eden Project. “Having previously served some freshly made pizza to the staff, we found that the Primo Oven was an immediate hit”, says Tom, and Eden had already decided to offer them in their own shop.

Tom and some of the Eden staff saw an immediate opportunity to contribute to the challenging situation the damaging floods had caused. “What could possibly be more fitting than Stone Bake Pizzas in the Mediterranean Biome” says Tom, “We shipped 6 mobile wood fired ovens out to them immediately,” and the Eden team were soon wowing hungry crowds with mouthwatering delicacies baked and roasted in the Primo Oven. With aroma’s filling the Mediterranean Biome, passersby can’t pass up sampling freshly baked Pizza slices and Garlic dough twists baked in less than two minutes before their eyes.

This is “the first time food has been available to buy in the Mediterranean Biome,” now anyone can enjoy “unique alfresco eating…in the warmth of our biome”, says the Eden Project. Tony Kendle,  Director of the Eden Project Foundation added “Good things can come out of disastrous situations – we had already been thinking of adding more of the experience of Mediterranean flavours and smells to the biome, and thanks to this great oven design it proved really easy to do”.

The Stone Bake Oven Companies Primo Ovens are proving to be quite a revelation, capable of cooking virtually anything from delicate pastries to roast dinners and desserts, the atmospheric cooking experience has become available to the masses, thanks to the clever unique design by the Stone Bake Oven Company.

Made from refractory based clay, smoothly dome shaped, not dissimilar to the Eden’s Biome shape, the Primo Oven proves aesthetically pleasing and boasts low wood consumption.The Primo Ovens are also quick to set up, easy to use, and heat up in less than 15 minutes, making them the new UK favorite outdoor cooking must have.