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7 things you need to know about using your wood fired oven


When you have a wood fired oven it’s important that you know all the little tips and tricks to get the most out of it as well as making sure you’re using it properly. Here at Stone Bake we’ve created a list of 7 things you need to know about using your wood fired oven. From the basics to getting the most out of your oven; we’ve got it covered.

Getting Started

1.To increase or reduce the oven temperature, simply add or remove wood. Alternatively you can move dishes towards or away from the fire. You can also achieve different cooking styles by monitoring your oven temperature. Check out our cooking techniques guide to learn more about each technique.

2.Know the difference between your peels. Use your wooden peel for preparing pizzas and breads and inserting them into the oven. The metal peel is an all-rounder and can be used to turn pizzas, move dishes around the oven and manoeuvre embers to one side.

3.Replicating conventional recipes. Remember anything you can cook in a conventional oven you can bake in a wood fired oven. Add just under 50°c to any conventional recipe and expect cooking time to be cut by a third.

Preparing for big dinner parties

4.If you’ve got a big dinner party coming up it’s always worth firing up your wood fired oven a few hours before. This way it is ready to use straight away and you won’t have to wait for it to reach its optimum temperature. Just remember to keep adding fuel to your fire, especially if you’re having a pizza party!

Using the residual heat

5.To really get the most out of each firing up of your wood fired oven, always make use of the residual heat. A really great way to utilise this leftover heat is to bake your favourite dessert or a couple of loaves of bread, as they don’t need particularly high temperatures to cook. For some great recipes, check out our recipes section.

6.Another super easy way to use the leftover heat in your oven is to kiln dry your own wood. Simply clear out all the embers after you have finished cooking, place in your seasoned wood and put the door in place. The longer you leave the wood in there the dryer it will be, but remember to never leave the wood unattended. There you have it; a fantastic kiln dried wood alternative ready for your next cooking session. Don’t forget to store it in a dry place!!

Cleaning your oven

7.The majority of food waste in your oven is burnt off; the only cleaning required is removing the ashes from your fire. Always safely put your waste ashes in a metal can with a tight fitting lid. If you do want to give your oven floor a ‘clean’ for pizza or bread cooking, use a damp cloth or purchase a mop with metal fittings. Gently wipe it over the oven floor; making sure it isn’t too damp or wet.

If you need any more information about how to use your wood fired oven, please email The Stone Bake Team- or give us a call on 01425 204985.