Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

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We offer an array of wood fired ovens for commercial and residential use. Perfect for all types of outdoor cooking. Easy to assemble, while being designed to be integrated in any garden and home style

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Get the most out of your oven by trying out our wide range of recipes to enhance your wood fire cooking experience through roasting, smoking, grilling, baking and everything inbetween.

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Branch out from the core oven with our wide range of additions, including wood, protection, utensils, as well as materials for building around your oven.

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A virtual showcase of our customers oven setups, and surroundings. Refresh your garden with a wood fired oven, stylize it as you wish.

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The Stone Bake Oven Company’s range of wood fired outdoor pizza ovens are hand made to order in Worcester, UK from the finest refractory materials. Each oven is engineered to ensure excellent heat conduction and retention whilst Micro Mesh Technology ensures structural integrity to withstand high heat for indoor and outdoor cooking. Perfect for being the centrepiece to a Summer garden for Al Fresco dining.

We offer a range of products from Pizza Ovens to wood and utensils. Be sure to check out the recipes and design ideas we also showcase across the website.

Primo 60 Stone Bake Oven

Primo 60

The Primo 60 is our smallest, most affordable oven ideal for those looking to branch out to wood fired cooking.

  • Internal Diameter: 600mm
  • Pizza Capacity: 1
  • Heat up time: 20 minutes
  • Heat Retention: 4 Hours (+20 if insulated)
  • DEFRA exemption: Outdoor use

Mezzo 76 Stone Bake Oven

Mezzo 76

The Mezzo 76 is ideal for those looking to cook a wide range of dishes without encompassing the oven in a build.

  • Internal Diameter: 760mm
  • Pizza Capacity: 2
  • Heat up time: 30 minutes
  • Heat Retention: 4 Hours (+20 if insulated)
  • DEFRA exemption: Indoor & outdoor use

Vento Stone Bake Oven


The Vento 100 is one of the larger ovens designed to be encapsulated in brickwork or render to stylise as you please. A real centrepiece of any garden.

  • Internal Diameter: 1000mm
  • Pizza Capacity: 4
  • Heat up time: 40 minutes
  • Heat Retention: 24 Hours
  • DEFRA exemption: Indoor & outdoor use

Gusto Stone Bake Oven


The Gusto 120 is our largest most powerful oven . Boasting the diameter of a Vento with additional depth. Perfect for hosting anything from a pizza party, whole banquet or customers in your restaurant.

  • Internal Diameter: 1000mm x 1200mm deep
  • Pizza Capacity: 5
  • Heat up time: 50 minutes
  • Heat Retention: 24 Hours
  • DEFRA exemption: Indoor & outdoor use

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