The Primo 60 Oven

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The Primo 60 oven is our compact, affordable wood fired oven exclusively designed and hand cast by The Stone Bake Oven Company in the UK. A perfect centrepiece for any garden, the Primo 60 Go is ideal for those with limited space. If you wish not to undertake any building work, The Primo can be assembled and ready to use within 20 minutes with the incorporation of the Primo Stand. As standard, the Primo 60 includes 2x cooking floor bases, a oven dome, a stainless steel door and a flue and cap where the colour can be picked at checkout. Alternatively you can upgrade to a Primo 60 with insulation kit. This supplies you with the materials you need to insulate your oven, this leads to increased heat retention of 24 hours and the insulation to encase your oven in brick or render and stylise it as you wish. See below for further details.

Please select which flue you would like below as well as if you want the oven in its core form, on a stand or an insulation/render kit with it.



The Primo 60:

The Primo 60 oven is our compact, affordable wood fired oven exclusively designed and hand cast by The Stone Bake Oven Company in the UK. A perfect centrepiece for any garden, the Primo 60 is ideal for those with limited space. If you do not wish to undertake any building work, the Primo can be assembled and ready to use within 20 minutes with the incorporation of the Primo Stand. As standard, the Primo 60 includes 2x cooking floor bases, an oven dome, a stainless steel door and a flue and cap (available in black or stainless steel).

The Primo 60: Internal Cooking Floor Size

The Primo 60 has a 600mm diameter internal cooking floor. Unlike other wood fired ovens that use designated cooking tiles inside the oven, the entire floor inside the Primo 60 oven can be utilised as a cooking floor.

The Primo 60: Cooking Capacity

The Primo oven can fit one large, or two small, pizzas in at one time. Alternatively the oven can hold one large roasting tray or two smaller roasting dishes at once. Please see the capacity diagrams opposite. Due to the optimum temperature, it only takes a minute to cook a pizza. The Primo 60 is also ideal for one tray bakes and roasts. Alternatively, if you are looking to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, you may opt for one of our larger ovens.

The Primo 60: Cooking Capabilities

Like all our Stone Bake ovens, the Primo 60 is capable of a range of cooking methods. As well as cooking pizza, you’ll be able to grill, bake and roast. The Primo 60 is even capable of hot and cold smoking. For those looking for overnight slow cooking, please see the Primo 60 Insulation Kit (requires building work). This oven retains its heat for over 24 hours which is perfect for long, slow cooking. Find all you need in The Stone Bake Oven Company’s Cooking Techniques Guide and our tried and tested Recipes section.

The Primo 60: Heat Up Times & Heat Retention

The Primo 60 oven heats up quickly, reaching maximum cooking temperatures within 20 minutes. However, it is normal for your very first firing to take slightly longer. Due to its insulating nature, the Primo 60 oven can retain heat in its core form for over 4 hours, without the need to add additional wood.

The Primo 60: Indoor and Outdoor Installation

The Primo 60 in its core form is designed for outdoor use only. If you are looking to install your oven inside you will need an insulation kit. The installation requirements for the Primo 60 Kit oven adhere to regulations for internal installation.

The Primo 60: Flue Placement

The Primo 60 oven flue is placed outside the oven cooking chamber. This smart design means that, when the door is closed, the flue vent is shut off. This flue feature is crucial for maximum heat retention, low wood consumption and especially useful for baking and other cooking techniques in a wood fired oven. Ovens with centralised flue vents in the oven dome result in sub-standard heat retention and higher fuel consumptions.

The Primo 60: Material Composition

The Primo 60’s oven dome is made from an insulating aggregate, allowing for excellent heat retention. The Primo 60 oven base is made from a dense, commercial grade material. This material stores heat for longer, ensuring crispy pizza bases and excellent cooking ability for hours on end. Due to the dense and insulating features of the Primo 60, the oven can be used in its core form, without the need for extra insulation and building works.

The Primo 60: Reinforcement

The Primo 60 Oven is reinforced with Micro Mesh Technology. Micro Mesh Technology involves embedding stainless steel fibres in the oven material, which then form a complex mesh within the oven. These fibres allow the oven to expand and contract whilst heating and cooling, ensuring the structural integrity of your oven. Micro- Mesh Technology results in an oven that is designed to last and, if you plan to move house or relocate your Primo 60, these fibres will make it safe to do so.

The Primo 60: Weather and Frost Proof

The Stone Bake Oven Company strongly recommends applying the Stone Bake Sealant when using your oven. Applying the sealant just twice per year ensures your oven is protected from weathering in the long term.

The Primo 60: Assembly

The Primo 60 Oven is designed for easy installation. The oven dome is in one piece and the two-part oven base makes for easy manoeuvring. The base fits together with a tongue and groove joint and the dome sits in a recess in the base. For a hands free approach, simply purchase the Primo Stand for an oven that is ready to use right away. Please note: our ovens are very heavy and the domes alone weigh approx 150kg. We would recommend that at least four people are on hand to help lift the oven, though more/less may be needed depending on the strength of those participating.

The Primo 60: Stand Overview

You can purchase a metal, weatherproof stand from The Stone Bake Oven Company online shop as a ‘ready to go’ option for core uninsulated ovens.

Alternatively, many customers will choose to build their own stand. The best materials for this are brick or concrete, but some do choose to experiment to create very interesting and unique build. Whatever material you use, we would recommend purchasing calcium silicate board underneath your oven, for safety purposes. This can be purchased as part of the insulation kit, or on its own. We do not recommend placing your oven on, or near, wood as it is highly flammable. If you are using a material other than brick or concrete, we would advise getting in touch with us to make sure that it is safe to use. Ask The Stone Bake Oven Company for guidance on building a wooden stand. Please note: if you build your own oven stand, you do so at your own risk.

The Primo 60: Insulation Kit Overview

The Kit is an extension that is recommended if you wish to insulate your oven. This allows for greatly improved heat retention, taking a standard 4 hours heat retention to 24+ hours. Insulating also means that you can encase the oven in standard brickwork or render without it being affected by the heat. The kit includes a decorative archway for the entrance of your oven, insulation wool to insulate your dome and calcium silicate board to insulate the floor.  Some building work is therefore required to complete the installation. The oven can be purchased, used and later built in using our insulation kit. This gives you flexibility if you are considering undertaking building work at a later date in order to customise and additionally insulate your oven.

Calcium silicate board is especially helpful, and often essential, if you want to protect the material that your oven is sitting on. In many circumstances, it is important that the oven does not sit directly on certain materials (for example, wood) for safety purposes. Even materials that are heat proof, like concrete, may still conduct heat down into the materials below them. Calcium silicate ensures that the heat is bounced back up into your oven dome, rather than down into the material below. So, even if you aren’t planning on insulating your oven, it may still be worth looking into getting some calcium silicate board. Please get in touch with us for more information about how to ensure that your oven is placed on a surface safely.

The Primo 60: Render Kit Overview

If you wish to render your oven you must first insulate it. Rendering it means you can shape the exterior of your oven to a mould of your choosing. First encase your wool in chicken wire and tighten with pliers. Then add water to the render as instructed on the bags. Next apply the glass fibre mesh to create a skeleton for your render structure. Add your second layer of render and then you are able to stylise the finish as you wish. The render and insulation kit can be picked up together. More information can be found here

If you wish to paint your oven for an alternative aesthetic finish, insulating and rendering is essential. Painting directly onto our core oven domes will cause cracking (even with heatproof paint). We would advise adding the insulation and render kit to your order if you wish to paint your oven.

The Primo 60: Flue Overview

We offer Single and Twin Walled Flues in both stainless steel and black. As a standard you will need a single wall flue, but if you wish for you oven to be indoors or under a roof you need a twin wall flue. A Twin Wall Flue prevents the flues heat from escaping and transferring to the wall/roof the flue is exiting, as well as stopping the rain getting through the roof it is passing out of. This is also available In black. More information on our flues can be found

The Primo 60 Oven: Delivery:

Oven delivery costs £49.99. Delivery takes place between 9-5.30pm, Monday – Friday. Unfortunately a specific time may not be available, however tracking details will be emailed to you the morning of delivery. Someone will need to be present to sign for your oven delivery. Saturday delivery is available at an additional charge. The Primo 60 oven arrives on a standard crated pallet, weighing approximately 200kg. The driver w