The Gusto 120 Oven

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The Gusto 120

The Gusto 120 Oven is our largest residential wood fired oven exclusively designed and hand cast by The Stone Bake Oven Company, here in the UK. A perfect centrepiece for a kitchen or garden, the Gusto 120 is suitable to be installed both indoors and outdoors making it ideal for those who want an affordable, high quality oven with the ability to fit in a range of dishes at one time. The Gusto 120 includes 4x cooking floor bases, 4x oven dome pieces, fire cement and a stainless steel door. It also comes with insulation materials and a decorative archway, therefore it is designed to be built in and can be customised to suit your own personal design tastes. Please refer to the Manuals and Videos section for build manuals.

As standard a single walled stainless steel 50cm flue and cap are included but this can be changed on the dropdown below.



The Gusto 120: Aesthetic Design

The Gusto 120 oven is your blank canvas. Any style can be achieved when installing the oven. The core of the oven is installed, then building work is completed around the oven to your personal preference. Reclaimed bricks, block, render, stone, wood or tiles can all be used to finish the external aesthetics of the oven. The pre fabricated, decorative archway included in the oven kit can also be painted using paint suitable for external use to compliment your design requirements and preferences.  The Stone Bake Oven Company’s oven designs have attracted national press attention from many well known publications and TV Channels. The Gusto 120 is a similar design to the Primo 60 and Mezzo 76, which have been featured in ‘The Telegraph’, ‘The Times’, ‘Period Living’, ‘Garden and Home’ magazines and seen on Channel 4. The Gusto 120 design belongs exclusively to The Stone Bake Oven Company..

The Gusto 120: Internal Cooking Floor Size

The Gusto has a 1000mm internal cooking floor width and is 1200mm deep making the Gusto the largest wood fired oven in the residential range. Unlike other wood fired ovens that use designated cooking floor tiles inside the oven, the entire floor inside the Gusto oven can be utilised as a cooking floor allowing for multiple dishes to be cooked in the oven at any one time.

The Gusto 120: Cooking Capacity

The Gusto oven can fit five pizzas at any one time, or four large roasting trays. Please refer to our oven capacity diagrams opposite for more details.

The Gusto 120: Cooking Capabilities

Like all our ovens, the Gusto 120 is capable of a range of cooking environments, allowing you to cook pizza, grill, bake and roast. The increased heat retention of the Gusto 120 oven makes it perfect for slow roasting and overnight cooking. The Gusto is even capable of hot and cold smoking. See our Recipes section for more information.

The Gusto 120: Heat Up Times & Heat Retention

Due to the Gusto’s insulating material composition, the oven heats up quickly within 50 minutes and retains heat for hours without the need to add additional wood. Your very first firing will take slightly longer, this is normal. Once built in, the Gusto’s heat retention is 24+ hours making it ideal for slow roasting and cooking overnight.

The Gusto 120: Indoor and Outdoor Installation

Designed for easy installation, the Gusto 120 can be installed and ‘built in’ both indoors and outdoors. Please refer to our Manuals and Videos for more information on indoor installation*.
*Please note: certain requirements must be met for indoor installation.

The Gusto 120: Flue Placement

The Gusto 120’s oven flue is placed outside the oven cooking chamber. This smart design means when the door is closed, the flue vent is cut off. This flue feature is crucial for maximum heat retention, low wood consumption and especially useful for baking and other cooking techniques in a wood fired oven. Ovens with centralised flue vents in the oven dome result in sub-standard heat retention and higher fuel consumption. For a black/coloured flue finish, apply stove paint.

The Gusto 120: Material Composition

The Gusto 120’s oven dome is made from an insulating aggregate, meaning excellent heat retention. The Gusto 120 oven base is made from a dense, commercial grade material. This material stores heat for longer, ensuring crispy pizza bases and excellent cooking ability for hours on end.

The Gusto 120: Reinforcement

The Gusto 120 oven is reinforced with Micro Mesh Technology, exclusive to The Stone Bake Oven Company. Micro Mesh Technology sees stainless steel fibres embedded in the oven material, which form a complex mesh within the oven. These fibres allow the oven to expand and contract whilst heating and cooling, ensuring the structural integrity of your oven. Micro Mesh Technology results in an oven that is designed to last, ensuring the longevity of your oven. If you ever plan to move house or relocate your Gusto oven, these reinforcement fibres will make it safe to do so. .

The Gusto 120: Weather and Frost Proof

The Gusto 120 Oven is already treated for protection from the elements, including frost. Once built in, the Gusto oven will need no further protection against the elements.

The Gusto 120: Assembly

The Gusto 120 Oven is designed for easy installation. The total oven weight is approx. 420kg. This weight is divided over the oven dome (four parts) and the oven base (four parts) making for easy maneuvering and set up. The base pieces fit together in tongue and grove joints within the oven dome pieces which are sealed together using fire cement. For a more detailed overview of the Gusto 120 oven, visit the Manuals and Videos page for the owner’s manual, installation instructions and technical drawing. Please note: our ovens are very heavy and can be hard to lift if not enough people are present. We would recommend that at least four people are on hand to help lift the oven, though more/less may be needed depending on the strength of those participating. 

The Gusto 120: ‘Building it in’

The Gusto 120 is designed to be built in with the additional insulation provided with the oven into an enclosure of your choice. This process is straightforward and has many additional benefits. You can tailor the oven’s finished design to your own tastes, finishing the Gusto using stone, brick, render or your choice of material. Easy to follow build manuals are available; simply refer to the Manuals and Videos section or Gallery for design inspiration.

Building the Gusto 120 in results in extended heat retention to over 24+ hours without the need to add additional wood. This is great for individuals wanting to cook a range of different foods and those looking to explore cooking overnight, slow roasting and cooking with residual heat (for example, cooking in the morning after the night before). Your oven will also be permanently protected from the elements.

When it comes to what the oven should sit on, the best materials for this are brick or concrete. Some customers do choose to experiment and create very interesting and unique builds with alternative materials. We do not recommend placing your oven on, or near, wood as it is highly flammable. If you are using a material other than brick or concrete, we would advise getting in touch with us to make sure that it is safe to use.

The Gusto 120: Oven Delivery

Oven delivery costs £99.99. Delivery takes place between 9-5.30pm, Monday – Friday. Unfortunately a specific time may not be specified however tracking details will be emailed to you ahead of delivery. Someone will need to be present to sign for your oven delivery. Saturday delivery is available at an additional charge. The Gusto oven arrives on a large crated pallet weighing approximately 420kg. The driver will be able to unload the pallet using a tail lift. The pallet can be manoeuvred on solid, level ground with a pallet truck. Please note – it is not the responsibility of the driver to set your oven in place and/or assemble it.