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Wood-Fired PRIMO Oven, Launch Success at The New Forest Show 2010

The Stone Bake Oven Company’s  Primo Oven launch took place at the New Forest Show on the 27th, 28th and 29th July this year. The Stone Bake Oven Company wowed the crowds by blazing their unique “Ragazzo” Oven, a bespoke brick-built oven on wheels and the new Primo Oven, a compact, outdoor wood fired oven – drawing in spectators with pizza workshops and free tasters over the three day event.

Impressively a Stone Bake Pizza cooking record was broken during a wood fired cooking demonstration, with a  pizza transformed from dough and cheese to crispy Italian perfection in less than 28 seconds! Beat that in your conventional oven!

The Stone Bake team had a great time at the show and were particularly pleased with the warm welcome and intense interest in their stone bake oven range, “even from the kids!” said Tom Gozney the company founder, “they were mesmerized,taking a really keen interest in a healthier kind of fast food.”  And healthier it was, with the Stone Bake fresh, home-made tomato sauce and dough. It didn’t take long until the Stone Bake Oven Company was the talk of the show, even sparking the interest of the Daily Echo, who popped past for a pizza and picture of the team.

Overall wood fired cooking fitted in perfectly with the county show atmosphere, combining an outdoor lifestyle and local produce… resulting in the selling out of the Primo Oven, with even the show piece being snapped up on the last day!

Thanks for all the public support and to the organizers of the New Forest Show,

Until next year…