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Tom & Lynn’s Primo 60

Huge thanks to Tom & Lynn for sharing pictures of their rendered and painted Primo 60 oven with us! The goal was to create a Greek-style outdoor cooking space and we think they’ve succeeded with style.

They made the choice to pain their oven a Greek blue and placed it on a white base in order to mimic the style of a classically Greek Church! We love when our customers have a unique and creative design idea in mind and Tom and Lynn’s oven certainly succeeds in standing out.

As a result, it really is the centrepiece of this outdoor dining area and is a shining example of how you can use our oven kits to create a personalised, aesthetic design.

To create this look, Tom and Lynn purchased the Primo 60 oven with an insulation and render kit, as well as a Twin Wall Flue System in stainless steel. As their oven was going beneath a roof, the TW System was essential in ensuring that the flue could pass through the roof safely.

Tom and Lynn’s Insulated and Rendered Primo 60, before they painted it!

Their oven is also a great example of how to properly paint your oven. In order to create blue dome that is seen in traditional Greek Churches, they knew they needed to paint their oven. We receive many inquiries about painting our pizza ovens and we would always recommend insulating and rendering before going in with any paint. If you apply paint directly onto our oven domes (even if it is heat-proof paint) then this could cause the paint to crack and peel. Tom and Lynn have ensured that their oven not only looks great, but that this look will be maintained long-term, in an oven that is better insulated and more fuel-efficient!

Tom and Lynn’s final garden set up!

Tom and Lynn had this to say about building and using their wood-fired oven:

“It took longer to build than we thought due to Covid back up with the builders but, well worth the wait. We get everyone that uses it to make their own Pizzas up. The children of all ages like the fun and the end result.”

We loved hearing from Tom and Lynn as they put so much thought and care into their oven design, resulting in a unique design that will be enjoyed by their friends and family in the years to come!

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