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Prepping the perfect pizza base

There really is nothing better than a delicious pizza, especially when it’s been cooked in a wood fired oven! Even though achieving the perfect pizza base looks tricky, all you need to do is follow a few simple techniques and practice as often as possible. Beware there may be a few dough balls that don’t make it into the oven- but that’s okay practice makes perfect!

First things first..

Before you even think about making your pizzas we recommend taking your dough balls out of the fridge to bring them up to room temperature. Normally we say to give them between 2 and 4 hours to allow the gluten network to relax. If you try and open the dough when it’s too cold, it’ll make it a lot harder!

Step 1

Lightly flour your clean work surface and pop your dough ball in the centre. Using your thumbs to begin carefully push the dough ball from its centre towards the outside.

Now using your fingers ensure you’re pushing down and out towards the edge, leaving around 1cm of un-flattened edge for the crust.

Remember: Don’t push down on the crust, as doing so could mean you lose the fantastic bubbles in the dough that the proving process created.

Step 2

Next pick up your dough between your finger and thumb just below the crust and turn briskly, all the way around. This allows gravity to stretch the base as it moves, but also ensures that the outer edge doesn’t get crushed. Keep going until your dough is thin enough to slightly see through it. Be careful of holes as they can be tricky to repair.

Step 3

Finally, make sure that your surface has plenty of flour on before you place down your base. We often put the base straight onto a floured wooden peel so you don’t have to shuffle a fully topped pizza on.

When your pizza is on your peel, pull the edges a little to make sure you get a round shape and re-press in your crust with your fingers if you need to. Now it’s time to cook!

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