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October Oven of the Month: Nicholas Lugar- Mawson

Hi Stone Bakers! Welcome to October’s oven of the month, our winner this time is Nicholas Lugar- Mawson and his Primo 60 Go!


Nicholas has built his own brick stand and painted his door and flue an elegant black, you can achieve this by using matte black stove paint. We think this garden looks like a great place to enjoy pizza parties with friends where the little ones can play!

Here’s what Nicholas had to say:

“We are both delighted with our new Stone Bake Oven which sits in the middle of a new seating area in our garden. We went for the Primo 60 Go which is perfect for our needs and the space available and heats up remarkably quickly.

As people who like being outdoors and trying new things we have found the oven has transformed the way we spend precious family time and made the enjoyment of cooking, that we all share, a far more inclusive and shared experience. Whether that be learning new ways to cook new recipes with our 5 year old daughter or just having fun with friends coming up with interesting concoctions and toppings for mama’s home made pizza’s. Needless to say pizza parties are a winner in our household and a firm favourite with our friends.

The whole process from selecting, purchasing and delivery through to installation and use was made so much more easy and enjoyable thanks to the knowledgable team at stone bake who were at hand to offer friendly advise on everything from installation tips and tricks to what type of wood to use.”

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning Oven of the Month, simply send in photos of your oven and some feedback to Whether you purchased your oven a while ago or are a new customer, we would love to hear from you! 



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