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February Oven of the Month- Nick Colyer


February Oven of the Month- Nick Colyer- Mezzo 76

It’s Oven of the Month time already and this month it’s a real treat! Nick Colyer’s Mezzo 76 Kit is a favourite of ours at Stone Bake HQ. We simply fell in love with the spectacular brick dome design and authentic looking stand, not to mention the gorgeous surrounding greenery. If one thing’s for sure it’s that Nick has created a stunning outdoor eating space with a beautifully designed oven sitting proudly at the center. We’re delighted that you shared your photos with us Nick- thank you!

Here’s what Nick had to say…

That’s really lovely news. The oven is the centerpiece of our garden and we have already had so much use out of it in the limited time we’ve had it. Not only have we successfully had pizza parties for large gatherings but I was really pleased with the results of an attempt at a leg of lamb, roast potatoes and vegetables for a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch.

The whole family and all our friends love the oven- not only does it cook great food easily but more importantly it brings everyone together socially.

There is nothing we love more at Stone Bake HQ than seeing our customers using and most importantly enjoying their ovens.

If you want to be in with a chance to win the title of Oven of the Month, simply send in your oven photographs and some feedback on your oven. Whether you are a new customer or purchased an oven from us a while ago, we want to hear from you. Send your photos to – it’s as easy as that!

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