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Make the most of your wood fired leftovers!

Food waste is currently taking the media by storm. Statistics show that the average family could save up to £700 a year, just by being a bit more savvy with their food. As we’re sure you know by now, you can cook anything in your wood fired oven that you would cook in a conventional oven so, there is no excuse to be throwing your wood fired food away. We’ve got some easy ideas to help you make excellent use of your wood fired leftovers.

Leftover meat/fishIMG_9321-560x840
If you have cooked a large joint of meat or a whole fish that you just know will never get eaten up, don’t throw it away! Pull the meat off the bone, refrigerate and use it for lunch or dinner the following day. Curries and stews are an easy way to use up wood fired meat or you could even whip up a couple of indulgent sandwiches. Left over wood fired fish is also great if you want to jazz up a plain summer salad.

Likewise, when cooking large joints of meat, it can be easy to just throw the bones away but these are great for creating sauces and gravy from scratch. So, make some space in your freezer, bag up any left over bones and remember them when it comes to your wood fired Sunday roast!

thumbs_JamieHuntFood141770Another great way to use up leftover wood fired meat and veg is to put it in a pie or quiche. We have a quick and easy shortcrust recipe on our website for you to create another tasty
meal. As long as you use complimentary herbs and spices, you’re set to create a delicious dish.

Stale wood fired loaves
Have you baked extra wood fired loaves recently? If you don’t get round to eating them and they have become stale, rip your loaves apart and whiz up in a food processor to create a batch of flavoursome breadcrumbs. These can be frozen so that they are ready to use at any time. Check out our Wood Fired Chicken Strips recipe to put those breadcrumbs to brilliant use.1a03c7d9c340dd52c9fb2389ef878eeb copy

Leftover veggies
Wood fired vegetables are perfect to make a tasty soup or gazpacho. They can also be added to homemade sauces or pasta dishes to give it some real flavour. You could even use leftover veggies to top your pizza and discover a new favourite. Asparagus pizza anyone?

Too many wood fired pizzas!
When it comes to pizza parties, we’re the first to admit how easy it is to go a little overboard and end up cooking way too many pizzas. Instead of putting your left over pizza in the bin, save it and put it into the fridge ready for breakfast. Nothing quite beats a couple of slices of pizza for brekkie- especially as a weekend treat!

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