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January Oven of the Month- David Pavesi

A Mezzo 76 that has been insulated and then decorated with a grey and white pebble design. It also features a black angles flue and a wooden door. It is sitting on a brick base with a black slate top.

IMG_3548_3013 English Breakfast Pizza!

David Pavesi’s Mezzo 76

It’s our very first Oven of the Month for 2016 and our January winner is a real beauty! We fell in love with David Pavesi’s Mezzo 76 Kit and his unique pebble design covering the dome- it’s a one of a kind for sure!! He’s also been sending us over some seriously scrumptious pizza photos- just look at that epic breakfast pizza. Food envy or what? Thanks for sharing your photos with us David!

Here’s what David had to say:

Well that’s nice news in these rather cold and bleak days! Fame at last! However poor the weather was preceding friends coming around for pizza, the actual day’s weather always turned out to be splendid – I hope the talisman continues to work this year. Our experiments to date have not gone much beyond pizza as everyone coming around for the first time is only interested in one thing- which meant pizza two or three times a week on some occasions. A wood fired oven cookbook for Christmas will no doubt expand our repertoire!

With the insulation pack, render and top decorative covering, the heat retention is so good that on a number of occasions we have put a stew or casserole in at midnight for slow cooking until the morning. When that was out we filled it with the wood for the next occasion so that it was super dry.

I would also like to say that the instructions for building the base were very good and we only adjusted for personal design, together with a couple of YouTube videos on bricklaying. We’ve ended up with a great talking point and a product which will give great pleasure for many years to come.”

There is nothing we love more at Stone Bake HQ than seeing our customers using and most importantly enjoying their ovens.

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