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How to use the door when cooking in your wood fired oven

image1 3Using the door when cooking in your wood fired oven is always something that can be difficult to get used to, especially when you have been so used to a conventional oven. As we often get many customers wondering how to use it properly, we thought we would give you some advice to help you make sure you are using the door correctly.


The most important thing to remember is that the door should always remain off if you are using flames to cook in your wood fired oven. This is because the oxygen from the outside air feeds the fire and ensures flames, which is what you need if you are having a pizza party. You can also use your door to calm or put out a fire, but it is put to the best use when roasting or baking at significantly lower temperatures.

  • Roasting

You should remember to leave the oven door off for shorter roasting times (under an hour) but put your door in place for longer roasting times (over an hour), always remembering to rotate your items.

  • Baking

If you are doing a spot of baking in your wood fired oven it’s always a good idea to use your door once the oven has cooled to your desired temperature. Note that there should be embers but no flames and the thermometer should read between 160°c to 200°c. After you have cleared your embers to the side of your oven and placed your food items onto the oven floor to bake, you can then put the oven door in place. Leave to bake as the temperature slowly decreases.

  • Bread

Having the oven door in place is also useful when baking bread. Simply pop your loaves directly onto the oven floor and put your door in place. Make sure you don’t remove the door for the first 2-3 minutes to ensure you get that gorgeously crispy outer crust. You can also do this by creating steam. Either spritz water towards the centre of the dome or place a couple of ice cubes in a separate ovenproof dish at lower baking temperatures. Watch the steam build up then put the door into place.

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