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Featured Oven- Emma’s Mezzo 76

To celebrate some of the fantastic wood fired ovens we have seen installed over the years, we will be running a new feature. This will showcase the potential each oven has and the measures that you can take to create a bespoke design that suits your needs and tastes.

“It’s amazing what you can do with an idea you’re passionate about and lots of determination

First up, we have Emma who documented her oven journey on Instagram ( @our_little_home2home_reno ). An important element of the kitchen redevelopment was installing a wood fired oven. She opted for the Mezzo 76 with an Insulation Kit, Render Kit and a Twin Walled Flue System (essential for indoor installations). 

Emma’s goal was a “modern country” design which she achieved through a fusion of modern elements – pop art, wall mounted text, engineered wood, render and skylights – as well as country notes – rustic bricks, stable doors and velvet seats.

Emma’s Mezzo 76 Oven

Focusing on the oven area, Emma has created a hearth at the front of the oven using macrame pumice cross stitch tiles which she got from Topps Tiles. These were put around the perimeter of the oven, with the Mezzo 76 embedded with calcium silicate board underneath so it is flush with the tiles. These tiles are also laid on the floor in front of the oven to create a work area away from the rooms engineered wood flooring.

What makes Emma’s worktop extra special is that, when not in use, it also functions as a mantelpiece. We love how she keeps her display seasonal – most recently she created an Easter scene that showcased the oven beautifully.

Regarding the process of construction, Emma says “Be brave with your pizza oven! We never thought we’d be able to get one built inside the kitchen (we already have one in the garden), but it’s amazing what you can do with an idea you’re passionate about and lots of determination. Plus it helps to have an amazing team of builders and experts to bring it to life!“

Emma’s team of builders built a brick cube base, with a space for wood storage. The oven was integrated into the design of the house, using neutral toned bricks that match the wall. This draws attention to the brighter elements dotted around the room – such as the wall art, the seasonal produce on the worktop and the flame of her Mezzo 76 Oven!

The insulation and render keeps the oven hot for longer. This allows them to save fuel by cooking with the residual heat – fully utilising the excellent heat retention of a rendered oven. Emma has been able to produce some excellent overnight stews, as well as many other great meals.

“We absolutely love exploring with new foods in it, particularly utilising all of the residual heat after we’ve cooked our pizzas. We’ve slow roasted meats, roasted vegetables to make pasta sauces, made overnight stews! We’re looking forward to trying more as time goes on.”

Remember everyone, it’s more than a Pizza Oven!

She brightens up the area by having a piece of vibrant art on the wall. She alternates between different pieces, but are both courtesy of Art By Inuka (@artbyinuka). There is also some playful wall writing seen above the doorway that states “In this kitchen we eat pizza and dance”.

However, Emma uses more than art to brighten up her kitchen space. The room also features a skylight, allowing for sunlight to stream into the room beautifully.

Through this skylight, you can also see the top of her Twin Walled Flue System. This system has a lining of insulation which stops the heat emitting out the pipe like it would through a traditional flue. This allows for a safe passage of the smoke out of the building and the pipe will not be hot to touch so can come into contact with your building materials.

Emma advises: “If you are thinking of building an indoor pizza oven you do need to think carefully about its location. Consider the route your flue will take (particularly in relation to your neighbours houses) and get a flue specialist in to plan it before you start your oven development.”

A simple 1.5m twin walled system is available on our website, but if you wish to have a more complex system is is always worth speaking to HETAS. They are an organisation which can be used to find a flue installer who will be able to meet your requirements in terms of directing the smoke with an appropriate level of drag.

“Think about air outlets, or keeping your oven child-safe (if that’s something you need to consider). You’ll need heat resistant tiles for your surrounding area. Then of course it will have to be signed off by building regs! There’s lots to think about, but it will be worth the effort.”

Emma ensured her indoor installation adhered to building regs by using a HETAS qualified flue installer. The oven uses calcium silicate board under it to help keep the heat within the oven and not conduct through to building materials. The oven is finished with our off-white render mix and a solid cast archway.

The Calcium silicate board, insulation body soluble fibre blanket and decorative archway are all part of the insulation kit – available as part of an oven kit, or can be purchased separately by those who decide to insulate and/or render their oven at a later date.

Special thanks to Emma for choosing The Stone Bake Oven Company and for showcasing the Mezzo 76 in your wonderful, stylish home!

Thanks for reading the first of our new ‘Featured Oven’ series – we hope this feature will provide our customers (both old and new) with inspiration when it comes to designing their own wood fired cooking space.

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