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Everything you need to know about using the high heat technique in your wood fired oven

When cooking in your wood fired oven there are loads of different cooking methods that you can use. As many of you reading this will be used to a conventional oven it can take a little bit of time getting used to a wood fired oven. As the high heat technique is one of the most popular, being the one used for pizzas, we thought we would give you all the information you need on how to use this method effectively.

High Heat Technique
The high heat technique is for when the oven is at its highest temperature which is roughly 350°c- 400°c. This temperature is perfect for cooking pizzas, some types of bread, appetizers, browning meat and caramelizing food.

How quickly should my pizzas cook?
Pizzas will cook in 90 seconds or under when using the high heat technique. They are cooked from the bottom up by the oven floor and the top down by the ovens internal temperature, meaning you should get a perfect pizza every time!

How can I create a high heat environment?
Firstly follow the ‘Firing Up Process’ linked here. This will ensure that your oven reaches 450°c. An easy way to tell when your oven has reached its optimum temperature is to look out for when a clear patch appears in the inside of your dome. Once this has happened you will then need to allow the heat to even out and maintain the temperature just above 400°c.

How do I use and maintain a high heat environment in my oven?
Once your oven is at its optimum temperature move the fire to one side of the oven making sure you maintain a large naked flame.

Place your pizza or other food items directly onto the floor next to the fire, rotating regularly for an even cook.

To maintain your fire you will need to make sure you are adding wood every 15-20 minutes. If you are going to be cooking for a long period of time, always move the embers from one side of the floor to the other. This will ensure even heating.

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