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David Griffen Visits Stone Bake HQ

David Griffen

We were delighted to welcome David Griffen to Stone Bake HQ. He is a fantastic food photographer; he loves food almost as much as we do!

David has had the opportunity to work regularly with amazing chefs, award winning producers and high calibre manufacturers. This has given David extensive experience in producing exquisite images of restaurant cuisine, produce and products such as the ones in this article!

It was decided that it was about time to get some incredible pictures of our pizzas considering our IPhone pictures don’t do our food justice! We will be using the pictures for content building on our website and for getting our customers and fellow foodies to discover how delicious their food can look and taste from one of our wood fired ovens!


Stone Bake HQ had a mouth-watering aroma in the air whilst Tom was busy making pizzas in our very own Gio140. David brought lots of props and backdrops with him and was snapping away creating stunning food shots. Tom cooked a variety of dishes ranging from mouth-watering fish to calzone.

A massive stone bake thank you to David Griffen for coming in and making our food look even scummier! We hope to be using all of the pictures soon so keep an eye out!


If you are interested in David Griffen’s work, take a look at his epic website here and Facebook page here.

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