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Wood Fired Stromboli

img_3772-minOur wood fired Stromboli recipe is the perfect way to use up any leftover ingredients from a pizza party the night before. You can even cook this recipe in your ovens leftover residual heat!

You’ll Need

  • Left over pizza dough
  • Left over tomato sauce
  • Left over pizza toppings


First, fire up your wood fired oven to its optimum temperature and allow it to cool to around 210°C. Alternatively, you can use the residual heat from your pizza party!

Next, take your leftover pizza dough and roll out into a flat rectangle shape.

Then, smother with tomato sauce, leaving a 1cm gap around the entire piece of dough- this gap needs to stay free of toppings to make sure you can roll it up securely!

Cover the tomato sauce with cheese and what ever toppings you have knocking around or left over! Stromboli’s are usually made with plenty of cheese, and plenty of meat!

Then, carefully roll the dough up to secure the fillings in, next, slice the roll into 4cm sections and stand the them up on a tray.

Cook with the door slightly ajar, checking regularly for around 10-15 minutes, serve warm! Delicious!

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