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What’s the difference between a bi-metal thermometer and an infrared thermometer?

primowood-fired thermometer

When cooking in a wood fired oven it’s always great to have a thermometer to hand.

Here at Stone Bake, we quite often get asked about the difference between the two thermometers we sell, so we thought we’d briefly explain how they differ from one another.

Our bi-metal thermometer reads with small dial temperatures up to 300°c. It’s perfect for baking and roasting temperatures and can stand-alone or hook onto an oven tray. Bi Metal Oven Tray Thermometer – £4.99

At the other end of the spectrum we have our infrared thermometer, which is battery powered and can read temperatures of up to 600°c. What’s great about it is that it can read the higher pizza-cooking temperatures all the way down to the lower temperatures. As this thermometer works by pointing a laser beam at any part of the oven (cooking floor, walls of the oven, top of the dome) it provides a more of an accurate reading. Infrared Thermometer – £69.99

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