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The Jenkins’ get a Primo 60

After working at Stone Bake for nearly a year I have without doubt, completely and utterly fallen in love with all of our awesome products! Let’s face it, it would be really hard not to when surrounded by the creative and dedicated people who have made the company what it is today – not to mention the authentic wood fired pizza on tap!

Without a garden of my own, having a wood fired oven has been but a distant dream. My parents however do have a garden and have always wanted a feature for friends and family to gather around, which up until now has been their chiminea. My Mum has also always had the desire of extending the patio in the back garden – much to my Dad’s protest! I can just hear him now, “no, not another project Dawn”!

Stone Bake Wood Fired Oven Primo 60

With Christmas fast approaching, the annual struggle to find a gift for my parents was upon me. What better gift to give than the friend and family entertainment centre they’ve always wanted? On Christmas day 2014, I was lucky enough to be able to gift the most important people in my life, the dream – a Primo 60 wood fired oven! They were so surprised and all the organising and hiding of the oven in my Auntie and Uncle’s garage (big thanks to them) had been worth it, just to see the look on their faces! Now my Mum finally had a decent excuse for that patio extension – you’re welcome Mum, (sorry Dad)!

With the hope of having their first firing up over the Easter holidays my Dad spent a lot of his retirement days doing that all important patio extending, arranging for the wooden stand to be built by my Uncle and finally the grand placement of the Primo 60!

Papa Jenkins was officially open for business and we had our first pizza party a couple of weeks ago with the whole family – it was brilliant.

Primo vid

Everyone loved getting involved, making the pizzas, throwing the dough about and chucking the toppings onto all the weird and wonderful shapes we’d created. The family couldn’t get over how quickly they cooked and how amazing authentic wood fired pizza tastes. There is nothing quite like the crispy base (courtesy of Tom’s secret dough recipe) and the not so secret Stone Bake tomato sauce! Anyone with a wood fired oven can vouch for just how ridiculously delicious wood fired food is.

We look forward to the many more social gatherings the oven brings and the endless recipes to try out, which can all be found right here! Our Stone Bake ovens were already somewhat of a passion of mine to talk about but now I have tried and tested one out for myself I can’t rave about them enough!

Jenkins family primo 60 wood fired stone bake oven residential 2     image1     Jenkins family primo 60 wood fired stone bake oven residential 1

If you are interested in our residential oven range, visit our PrimoMezzo and Vento pages for prices, information and technical drawings. Please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 0845 834 0252 should you have any further questions.