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The benefits of buying local produce

Here at Stone Bake HQ, we feel very passionately about buying your food as local as possible. It’s so easy to just pop to the closest supermarket and pick up all your ingredients for your wood fired dinner parties without thinking where it’s really come from. So, we’ve given you a breakdown of what we think is important to consider when choosing where to buy your wood fired ingredients.

It’s Fresher and Tastier!
The main reason to buy local produce is because it’ll be fresher and riper than in supermarkets due to the fact it doesn’t have to travel such long distances. This also means that locally grown fruit and veg will be more likely to taste nicer! Local foods are left to ripen whilst still on the stalk or vine whereas, conventional produce is picked before it is ripened in the hope that by the time it reaches its final destination, it’ll be ready for consumption.

Reduced Carbon Footprint
Another benefit of produce not having to travel such long distances is that you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint and help to promote better air quality and to reduce pollution. Also, produce is less likely to be contaminated when it hasn’t travelled so far.

Enjoying seasonal produce!
Naturally, not all produce should be available to us all year round. So buying local helps to keep us in touch with the seasons and from that we learn what’s best and when. This means that when you buy produce that’s in season, there will be a larger quantity available, which may help you save a few pennies! To see what’s in season in September, check out our monthly produce guide here.

Supporting local business
Buying locally not only ensures you’re supporting your area but knowing how your food has got to your plate definitely makes it so much more enjoyable. It also brings communities closer together and your money stays local, which is always a bonus! A recent study by the New Economics Foundation has even estimated that every pound spent locally generates twice as much money for the local economy. Finally, produce grown close by supports responsible land development and gives those with farms and pastures a reason to stay as they are and undeveloped.

We hope this has encouraged you to try and visit your local farm or greengrocers to source the best ingredients you can. We guarantee you will taste the difference!

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