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Stone Bake’s Wood Fired Oven Gift Guide

Xmas Gift Guide 2

Here at Stone Bake we often get customers that purchase ovens as gifts for loved ones, friends and family members. If you’ve been thinking about getting an oven for a special someone, you might be wondering which one would suit him or her best. That’s why we’ve created our oven Christmas gift guide, featuring all of our residential oven range and more. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a wood fired oven!

Primo 60 Go

Our Primo 60 go is perfect for anyone with limited space in their garden and for those who have smaller families. What’s brilliant about this oven is that it’s super easy to assemble and ideal for someone that wants something that is ready to go straight away! With a heat up time of 20 minutes, it’s ideal if you want to quickly fire it up after work or school to cook a spot of dinner.primo60 double your house wood fired oven

What’s it’s cooking capacity?

  • 1 12 inch pizzas
  • 1 large roasting dish
  • 4 loaves of bread

Perfect for..

  • Small pizza parties

Our Primo 60 Go is £799.00 with a £49.99 delivery. For more information or to purchase click here.

Primo 60 Kit

The Primo 60 Kit is the same size as our Primo 60 Go, but is suited for someone that loves a good old DIY task. This oven has to be built in, increasing the heat retention to 24+ hours, making it great for those who enjoy overnight cooking or slow roasting.

The Primo 60 Kit is £949.00 with £49.99 delivery. For more information or to purchase click here.

Mezzo 76 Go

Our Mezzo 76 is our medium sized oven and is superb for anyone who likes to experiment or cook multiple dishes at once. It’s perfect for larger families who have that extra bit of space in their garden, or for those who regularly enjoy hosting small get-togethers with friends and family. With a 30 minutes heat up time, it doesn’t take long to get the party started! 

What’s it’s cooking capacity?

  • 2 12 inch pizzas
  • 2 large roasting dishes
  • 6 loaves of bread

Perfect for..

  • Pizza Parties
  • Cooking multiple dishes at once

The Mezzo 76 Go is £1199.00 with £49.99 delivery. For more information or to purchase click here.

Mezzo 76 KitMezzo 76 Kit

Our Mezzo 76 Kit is again exactly the same as our Mezzo Go, but has the benefit of insulation materials, meaning the oven can be built in. This oven is ideal for those who love to get stuck into a DIY task or want to have an outdoor eating area where you can cook breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one firing. 

The Mezzo 76 Kit is £1349.00 with £49.99 delivery. For more information or to purchase click here.

Vento 100

The Vento 100 is our second largest oven in our residential range and is perfect if you want to give an extravagant Christmas gift. This oven is ideal for those who have bigger gardens and want a statement showpiece to go in it. The great thing about the Vento 100 is that it’s ideal for catering for larger groups of people, as you can cook many dishes at once. Definitely a showstopper! 

What’s it’s cooking capacity?Vento 100

  • 4 12 inch pizzas
  • 3 large roasting dishes
  • 11 loaves of bread

Perfect for..

  • Large Dinner Parties/Celebrations
  • Big pizza parties

The Vento 100 Kit is £2149.00 with £99.99 delivery. For more information or to purchase click here.

Gusto 120

The Gusto 120 is the ultimate wood fired oven and is the largest residential oven we sell. It would be the perfect fit for someone with a large garden who wants something to really make their outdoor eating area stand out from the rest. What’s really special about the Gusto is that it has a 120cm deep cooking floor meaning you can cook long roasting joints or even whole pigs. Hog roast anyone? It’s fair to say that this oven certainly has the WOW factor and is the KING of our wood fired ovens!

What’s it’s cooking capacity?

  • 5 12 inch pizzas
  • 4 large roasting dishes
  • 15 loaves of bread

Perfect for..

  • Large Dinner Parties/Celebrations
  • Big pizza parties
  • Hog Roasts

The Gusto 120 Kit is £2499.00 with £99.99 delivery. For more information or to purchase click here.

If they already have an oven?

If your partner or friend already has one of our wood fired ovens then why not fill their stocking with some oven treats.


If your loved one is using an oven it its core form (Go oven) then they can never have enough sealant! It acts as a weatherproofing agent, protecting their oven from all the outside elements. We recommend using the sealant twice a year in the colder months, so this is the perfect time to purchase.


Thermometers are a great little stocking filler for any wood fired oven fanatic. If they are into baking then our Bi-Metal thermometer would be a perfect little gift and is super affordable at £4.99!thermometers_wood_fired_oven

If cool gadgets and toys are their thing then why not try our infrared thermometer? It measures temperatures of up to 550°c using a laser beam- cool or what?

Oven Accessory Pack

Our accessory packs are a fantastic present if someone already has a wood fired oven. It includes all the tools they will need to maneuver food in their ovens, move embers and cut their pizzas. Here’s what’s included:

  • Wooden Pizza Peelmezzo_accessory_pack_wood_fired_oven
  • Metal Peel
  • Oven Brush (Apart from the Primo 60 acc pack)
  • Pizza Slicer

To purchase an oven accessory pack click here. Prices range from £49.99 – £79.99 depending on which size oven you buy for.

Capo Wood

Our Capo Forresta wood is the best on the market, and would be a unique but useful present for any wood fired enthusiast or someone who uses their oven on a regular basis. 

What’s really special about this wood is that each briquette has a moisture content of less than 7%, which means their heat output is second to none. Another benefit is that you simply knock them against a hard surface to break them apart. No axe needed!capo_wood1

You can purchase a pallet here for £312 including delivery. It includes 24 boxes, with 8 briquettes in each. We would expect our customers to use 2-3 logs per firing, so this wood would be a gift that is sure to last.

(Please note: Our Capo wood needs to be kept in a dry storage area, that is away from any outdoor elements. Please also make sure that they have enough storage space for this wood before you buy!)

We hope that we have helped you decide on the perfect Christmas gift. Whether you have treated them to a wood fired oven or just a tin of sealant it is sure to please any wood fired enthusiast.

Please just give us a call on 0845 834 0252 if you are unsure about anything before you purchase. We’re a friendly bunch here at Stone Bake HQ!

If you want to find out more information about our residential oven range and other products please click here!

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