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Pumpkin Topped Pizza With Crispy Sage

We love to make use of the seasonal produce in the supermarkets and as we’ve just had the first day of Autumn, it won’t be long before pumpkins take over the vegetable aisles! Taking advantage of this, but in keeping with everyone’s favourite snack to cook in a wood fired oven, here is an autumnal pizza recipe!

pumpkin pizza


• Pizza dough
• 1 x Small butternut squash or pumpkin
• 2 x Garlic cloves
• 1 x Handful of parmesan cheese
• 1 x Handful of your favourite cheese
• A bunch of sage
• Nutmeg
• Olive oil
• Salt and pepper


1. Bring your wood fired oven up to optimum temperature and allow it to cool down to approximately 250 – 300 degrees C.

2. Prepare your pizza dough – we know a great recipe 😉

3. Whilst your pizza dough is proving, prepare the pumpkin or squash by peeling, de-seeding and slicing it into thin slices.

4. Place the slices into a cast iron roasting tray, drizzle with olive oil, crushed garlic and salt and pepper then place into your oven to roast for around 20 minutes or until the edges start to brown. Keep your oven door ‘half in, half out’ during this time to keep heat within the oven.

5. Whilst the pumpkin or squash is roasting, knock out your dough ball(s) onto a floured pizza peel ready for topping.

6. Lay your favourite cheese straight onto the pizza dough. Ricotta works great with this recipe!

7. Layer on the roasted pumpkin/squash slices and sage leaves and finish everything off with a healthy glug of olive oil, salt and pepper, grated parmesan and grated nutmeg.

8. Bring your oven back up to optimum temperature by adding more wood to the fire. Perfect pizza cooking temperature is between 400-450 degree C. Insert your pizza into the oven.

9. Cook for 1-2 minutes until the crust has risen and the sage has crisped, ensuring you are turning the pizza regularly.

10. Cut into slices, get stuck in and enjoy!

TOP TIP – Sprinkle some of your pumpkin’s seeds over the pizza befire cooking in the oven for extra crunch!