Twin Walled Flue System 150mm Stainless Steel


We offer Single and Twin Walled Flues in both stainless steel and black. As a standard you will need a single wall flue but if you wish for you oven to be indoors or under a roof you need a twin wall flue. A Twin Wall Flue prevents the flues heat from escaping and transferring to the wall/roof the flue is exiting as well as stopping the rain getting through the roof it is passing out of. This is also available in black.

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Flue Overview

An oven with a Twin Wall Flue System adheres to regulations for internal installation. The Twin Wall Flue offers a layer of insulation to the flue and a flash which is used to pass the flue through the roof while protecting the roof from any heat transfer. This makes it perfect for outdoor kitchens with roofs, gazebos, pergolas, conservatory areas within your house. We will try to fulfil all your needs but for more complex flue solutions (for examples ones that require extraction) we may refer you to our our network of flue specialist.

The twin walled flue kit includes

1000mm pipe, 500mm pipe, storm collar, master flash, rain cap, adaptor, sleeve and fixing kit

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