Pure Beech Briquettes (24 Boxes)


Previously only available for our commercial customers, these briquettes are a compressed sawdust fuel made completely out of beech sawdust. Nothing else is added and no bark is included. The manufacturing process leaves these briquettes with a moisture content of less than 7%. These are a totally consistent product in every way, that being the biggest problem that we encounter with natural hardwood and kiln dried wood. Size, density, and especially moisture content vary from log to log and bag to bag making it a near on impossible task to achieve consistent cooking results. One box of briquettes is equivalent to a little more than two bags of kiln dried wood* and their high heat output means less needs to be used. Our beech briquettes are made from wood grown in totally sustainable beech forests and are a by product from a beech timber sawmill with a very green ethos. In addition, their ash is high in nutrients and can be used as a fertiliser for your garden!

*based small garage forecourt style sized bags

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Weight 200 kg