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Polpette Opens Second Wood Fired Pizza Restaurant

Polpette now has two local restaurants located in Canford Cliffs and more recently Southbourne Grove! We are very proud to say that each restaurant houses our very own Gozney professional commercial ovens. Polpette serves authentic Neapolitan pizzas, which are topped with the very finest, fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced in the UK and Italy. The slow rising sourdough pizzas are cooked in our commercial wood fired oven by an artisan ‘pizzaioli’ from Naples and are ready to serve within minutes.


I’ve not spoken to a single person who has anything negative to say about their dining experience at Polpette. People all over Bournemouth are raving about the pizza. TripAdvisor comments include

– “The best pizza I’ve ever had, seriously!”, “Staff were very friendly and attentive and more importantly the food surpassed my expectations.”

After experiencing Polpette dining for myself a few weeks ago, it is safe to say that all the positive feedback is 100% well deserved. The Southbourne restaurant was small but atmospheric and the food was simply excellent. I started with a peach Bellini cocktail accompanied by their wood fired king prawns with chilli, garlic and olive oil. Being a seafood lover I am pretty picky about prawn dishes but they were a decent size and the dish was seriously delicious! To follow for main I of course had to sample the pizza. With an array of choice, it was hard to select just one – they all sound amazing! After much deliberation I went for the Portobello and wild mushroom pizza with parmesan, mozzarella, and basil on a Bianca base drizzled with truffle oil. Of course I am slightly bias but working at Stone Bake I’ve been lucky enough to sample the delights of fresh, authentic wood fired pizza so naturally there wasn’t much doubt in my mind that the pizza was going to be cooked to perfection at Polpette.


PolpetteIf you’re a hungry Bournemouth local or visitor looking for somewhere to dine this weekend and fancy authentic Neapolitan pizza, you most definitely need to treat yourself to the culinary delights at Polpette!

Check out their menu here.




If you are interested in our commercial oven range, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 0845 834 0252 should you have any further questions.

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