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May’s Oven of the Month

We are delighted to announce Kevin Baxter’s Mezzo 76 as May’s oven of the month!

                                      photo 1Boston-20150320-00105Boston-20150320-00106

This Mezzo 76 brick dome build is amazing and we feel it is very much the worthy winner this month!

Here is what Mr Baxter had to say:

“When we went on holiday last year we were invited to our neighbours for a pizza and wine party…they had just had a pizza oven built on their terrace that summer. We loved the experience of pizza and wine so much that we discussed building our own. In the New Year we started to investigate further and after much research chose The Stone Bake Oven Company and the Mezzo 76 oven. We followed the plans, worked with our builder and within a couple of weeks we were all ready to go. We have only used the Internet for advice/videos as none of our neighbours at home had a pizza oven so it’s been a learning curve that will go on for sometime yet, but it’s been an enjoyable one that we have done together.”

“Pizza – Friends and family love these from the oven. They take less than one minute to cook! The taste of a freshly baked pizza is excellent!”

“Bread – Massive winner for us! At the end of our get together with friends and/or family we let everyone bake their own bread and take it home with them. Have found bread baking very straight forward as the fire is gone, door is shut and oven temperature is perfect for the baking.”

“Oven temperature – Get a thermometer! This helps you understand that you need to keep stoking up the fire, even when pushed to the side of the oven, especially when there’s lots to cook.”

“Roasts – Have only done chicken and lamb so far but both a great success…Griddled/Roasted vegetables…. Perfect for the oven. Get your griddle pan hot!”

“Sunday Lunch – Invited the children and grandchildren round after we got back from a short break last weekend and went for a full Sunday roast and nearly pulled it off! Learnt that we need to keep the fire burning and rotating the pans. We let the oven cool too much and although our Yorkshire puddings were all consumed they did not rise enough so will be working on that one more! Will report back with pictures once we get them to rise.”

“Accessories – Thermometer and torch were quick additions to the basic pack…. Not too much else is needed other than baking trays and pizza stands/bases. It is so easy and so nice to be outside cooking, chatting and relaxing. It’s not hot enough to eat outside every time yet but looking forward to that. We expect to be learning for some considerable time but hope we become more confident in what we can cook all year round.”


For your chance to win the title of Oven of the Month, simply send in your oven photographs and some feedback on your oven. Whether you are a new customer or purchased an oven from us a while ago, we want to hear from you. Send your photos to – it’s as easy as that!

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