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Stone Bake’s Guide to awesome wood fired pizzas!

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The Dough

Making the perfect pizza always starts with having a great dough recipe. Our Neapolitan dough is a great place to start and only contains four basic ingredients! Easy or what? Find it here.

Pizza Base Prep

Once you’ve got your dough recipe sorted, it’s time to move onto stretching out your pizza base. Again this step is super important in getting a base that is just the right thickness, ensuring a nice and crispy pizza. Our blog post all about prepping the perfect pizza base should have it all covered. Just remember, it may take a few attempts to be able to get the hang of this.

Pizza Sauce

Now it’s time to think about the pizza sauce, which trust us can make or break a pizza! Our secret tomato sauce recipe is perfect if you want to achieve a vibrant, authentic and most importantly flavourful pizza. Find the super quick recipe here.


Now, the most exciting part- toppings! We know how it’s easy to get carried away and overtop your pizza- trust us when we say less is more! Our sister company Roccbox, has some truly fantastic pizza ideas on their website. Why not give a few of our favourites a go? The ‘Caponata’ pizza is a fantastic veggie option or for something simple but tasty the ‘Baby Broccoli and Chorizo’ pizza is a winner!

Top Tip: Never be afraid to experiment with pizza topping combinations. Ever thought of trying Brussels spouts and pancetta on a pizza? No? Well give it a go, it’s delicious!

The perfect cooking environment

Finally, for cooking pizzas in your wood fired oven, you will need to create a high-heat cooking environment. Start by following our firing up process video, which shows you exactly how to get your oven to temperature. Remember, you are aiming for temperatures ranging from 350°c-450°c with a large rolling flame.

Top Tip: A great way of telling when your oven is ready to start cooking in is to watch out for a clear patch starting to form on the inside of your dome.

Once your oven is ready, you can place your pizzas directly on the cooking floor, turning when appropriate, for a fantastic 90-second cook time. The heat from the oven will provide a super crispy base and the rolling flame bouncing across the dome will evenly cook your toppings, resulting in the perfect pizza!

Please be sure to send over your pizza photos to us, we would love to feature them on our gallery.

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