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Did you know?

There might be a few things you didn’t know about The Stone Bake Oven Company. Well we’re here to put you in the know! Check out these 5 interesting things that you might not have known about us: 

  1. We have a Primo and Mezzo oven in a showroom that you can book to come and view!

Right here at Stone Bake HQ we have our residential ovens on view with members of staff at hand to answer any of your burning questions (pardon the pun!) – If you would like to come and see us please contact us on 0845 834 0252 or email us at to book an appointment.

  1. We have a full range of manuals and guides for your building/technical projects!

If you’re looking to build your oven in whether that be by rendering the dome, building your oven stand or creating a brick enclosure – we have step-by-step manuals to help guide you through the process! These manuals and guides are available by email at and not only that but we have a technical team at the end of the phone on 0845 834 0252 to run you through things should you have any further questions. 

  1. We have a cooking techniques guide on our website! 

Click here to view our cooking technique guide! This will guide you through what you can expect from your oven and the firing up process. Also covered in the guide are all the cooking phases such as baking, roasting and pizza cooking techniques! It also includes hints and tips to make using your oven that much easier!

  1. We have ‘How to’ videos ready and waiting to be viewed!

How to: Install Your Oven

How to: Apply Sealant to Your Oven

How to: Fire Up Your Oven

  1. We have a blog and recipe page on our website!

Want some delicious inspiration? We’ve got tons of wood fired recipes at your fingertips which can be found right here on our website – perfect for you to try out in your oven! These also include our wonderful guest recipes that have come from the likes of wood fired enthusiasts/bloggers and some of our lovely existing customers.

Our blog page has a vast amount of interesting stories ranging from Stone Bake News to anything wood fired oven and food related! Don’t miss out, check out our page here!


If you are interested in our residential oven range, visit our PrimoMezzo and Vento pages for prices, information and technical drawings. Please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 0845 834 0252 should you have any further questions.


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