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How to replace your BBQ with a wood fired oven

12309865_986717648041861_6033991464469897481_oHave you been thinking about replacing your BBQ with a wood fired oven but aren’t too sure if it would be for you? Debate no more! We want to explain how you can replace your BBQ with a wood fired oven and why it really will be a worthwhile investment for your outdoor eating area.

Why should I invest in a wood fired oven over a BBQ?

Yes, a BBQ can grill, but so can a wood fired oven. Put simply, what’s really great about a wood fired oven is that compared to a BBQ it has endless cooking capabilities, holds it heat for a significant amount of time and it’s a fantastic focal point for your garden. Is there really a comparison? Sure, if you want both options then it’s great to have the choice, but if you could only choose one, then why not invest in something that can achieve everything a BBQ can and more?

How can I beat the BBQ with my wood fired oven?

You can easily recreate BBQ and Grilling techniques in your wood fired oven. It’s a fantastic technique to use and is ideal for locking in flavour and burning off fat to get that crispy and not dried out finish.

Beat the BBQ by using a cast iron grill to achieve that typical ‘grill scorch mark’ effect, whilst your food remains hot and gently cooks through.


Once you have fired up your oven to it’s optimum temperature, move over your embers and fire to the side of the oven allowing room so you can place a cast iron grill on the floor. Simply wait for it to achieve a similar temperature and place items on the grill. Watch your food cook to perfection within minutes!

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