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Hot smoking in your wood fired oven

smokingSmoking meats and fish is another great way to cook in your wood fired oven. Although it is definitely one for all the patient stone bakers out there, you will reap the benefits. We recommend hot smoking in one of our Kit ovens due to the extended heat retention the insulation materials give you. Here’s our step-by-step guide to hot smoking in your wood fired oven.

1. Fire up your wood fired oven
Firstly, you need to fire up your wood fired oven to its optimum temperature using a kiln dried wood that has a moisture content of less than 20%. Then, you’ll need to allow your oven to cool until the temperature is around 110-130°C and there is no longer a flame. Using your metal peel, push the hot embers to the back or to one side of the oven. Alternatively, you can use the residual heat after a pizza party to start your smoking!

2. Prepare your meat
Whilst your wood fired oven is cooling you can then prepare your meat. Season your meat with your favourite herbs and spices then and place in a high heat tray. This can always be done a few hours in advance and left to rest in the fridge.

3. Starting up the smoke
There are many suggestions on what to use to help infuse your meat with delicious flavours, but we suggest using chips of hardwood. We recommend soaking your wood chips for 30 minutes prior to using. Then, simply place the chips on your embers and they will slowly start to give off smoke.

Flavour Combinations
Below are a few examples of the flavours of hardwood we think work really well together. Experiment with different flavour combinations to find your favourite.

  • Alder: A light flavour that works well with fish and poultry.
  • Apple and pear: Subtle flavours, delicious with pork.
  • Hickory: The most famous smoking hardwoods, infuses a strong, hearty flavor to meats, ideal for pork shoulders and ribs.
  • Maple: Traditionally used with poultry, pork and seafood.
  • Pecan: Sweet and mild flavours similar to hickory, but not as strong.
  • Oak: A favourite in Europe, strong but not overpowering. Use with beef or lamb.

A great supplier of wood chips is Hot Smoked as they are a UK based company and have a large range to choose from. For more information, please see their website here.

4. Putting in your meat
Now your wood fired oven is ready for smoking. Simply put your high heat pan close to the embers, close the door and let the smoke do its magic! Timings will vary depending on the weight of your meat so, we advise to keep a close eye on it and occasionally turn the dish using your metal peel. Once your meat is fully cooked and sliced, you should see a smoke ring around the edge where all those delicious flavours have infused.

5. Serving
This is an opportunity for you to get creative- as smoked meat can be eaten hot or cold! We love to put smoked meat in the centre of the table so everyone can tuck in! Serve with a fresh wood fired loaf and wood-roasted veggies- it’s the perfect meal to enjoy on a warm summers evening.

Stone Bake Top Tip: Remember, make good use of any leftovers and create a luxury sandwich for lunch the next day!

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