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Everything you need to know about weatherproofing your oven

Mary Wyer Mezzo 76- Winter

As the weather starts to worsen, we want to answer any of your questions and queries about looking after your wood fired oven in the winter months. This post is designed to reassure and inform all of our customers new, old and potential that whatever the weather your wood fired oven will not be affected.

Here are some commonly asked questions that sometimes worry our customers…

  • Can my oven withstand being outside in winter weather conditions?

Our ovens are very much designed to be outside and the weather is certainly nothing to be concerned about. We even have customers in Scotland and The Netherlands who have their ovens outside all year round and never experience any problems; so please don’t be worried! Our ovens were born to be outside in the sun, sleet, rain and snow!

  • Do I need to cover my oven in the winter?

Our customers often ask us whether they need to buy or make a cover for their oven in the wintertime. The answer is simply no, you definitely don’t need to cover your oven.

However, if you’re using your oven in its core form, we would always recommend sealing your oven at least twice a year. Our sealant acts as a weatherproofing agent, which protects your oven from all the outside elements. In a nutshell it will keep your oven dry and free from any moisture.

You can buy our sealant here, one tin should last approximately 2 coatings.

  • Will rainwater get in my hairline cracks, freeze and damage my oven?

Firstly we need to explain what hairline cracking is; hairline cracks typically appear on the dome of your wood fired oven after you have fired it up a few times. They can be big, small, long or short in appearance, which can worry many of our customers. Hairline cracking, however, is a completely normal expectation of any wood fired oven and is certainly nothing to worry about. This is why we have reinforcement meshing, which means the oven is completely safe to continue using, despite the hairline cracking.

You may also notice that these cracks appear larger when the oven is hot and contract as it cools, which is again a normal expectation. Just remember, that hairline cracking will never affect the performance and longevity of your oven and is purely cosmetic, so please don’t worry.

Many customers that experience hairline cracking also worry about water getting into the cracks as the weather gets colder. However, as long as your oven is sealed using our sealant there is nothing to worry about as your oven is fully protected from water getting in.

If you have built in your oven then it is already protected from the elements due to the insulations materials surrounding and protecting the dome.

We hope this post has put your mind at ease as the winter months approach. Remember if you do have any questions about looking after your wood fired oven in the winter months or aren’t sure about something, please just email us at or call us 0845 834 0252. No question is too big or small and we’re a friendly bunch here at Stone Bake HQ!

If you want to find out more information about our residential oven range and other products please click here!

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