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How to build a mobile pizza/wood fired oven

We’ve had lots of customers choose to build one of our wood fired ovens into a trailer or into a vehicle to start up an on-the-go business. This blog post aims to give you a brief outline of what you need to consider when deciding to embark on this exciting DIY task.

Which oven?
Out of our wood fired oven range, we recommend either the Mezzo 76 or the Vento 100 for a mobile unit. All ovens that are being used for a mobile unit need to be one of our Kit ovens and must be built in so that the oven is secure during transit. It also means that there is little to no heat transfer when the oven is in use.

The Mezzo 76 is ideal to use if you have a limited space as it has an internal diameter of 76cm. This can fit 2 x 12” pizzas or 2 x large roasting dishes in at one time. As with all of our ovens, once up to temperature, pizzas can cook in 90 seconds or less so, you can have them firing out in no time.

If you have a slightly larger space to work with, the Vento 100 might be suitable as it has an internal diameter of 100cm. It can fit 4 x 12” pizzas or 3 x large roasting dishes in at one time so, it’s perfect for if you’re looking to cater for larger groups of people.

image2-11-1000x1000Vehicle / Trailer
As we don’t offer installation, it’s your responsibility to source a trailer or vehicle for your mobile unit. When choosing a vehicle, it’s vital to make sure that it can withhold the weight of your oven. The Mezzo 76 weighs approximately 250kg and the Vento 100 weighs approximately 350kg. In addition, you’ll also need to include the weight of the steel frame used to support the oven, insulation and finishing materials

There are lots of different options you can use to build one of our wood fired ovens into a mobile unit. We’ve had customers who’ve used trailers, vans, trucks and even caravans.

Stone Bake Top Tip: You’ll need to make sure that your licence allows you to drive vehicles that are larger than the average car and trailers that are over 750kg and braked.

Building it in
You’ll need a stand for your oven to sit on, whether you are building it into
an open trailer or into a unit such as a caravan, we recommend getting a custom stand from a metal fabricator. Metal stands are most suited for building a mobile unit as it’s the lightest option. Remember to make sure it can withhold the weight of your oven!

We also recommend using calcium silicate board that is at least 50mm in thickness and insulation wool that is at least 150mm in thickness to ensure as little heat transfer as possible.

image1-12-1000x1000To secure your oven onto your metal stand, we advise to use perforated, metal strapping. It will need to go over the oven diagonally and then bolted down onto your stand, we recommend at least 5 straps. We also advise that L shaped support plates are fixed around the oven perimeter to prevent the oven sliding on the metal base. This will keep it secure when in transit.

So that your insulation wool is covered we recommend using metal cladding if you are building your oven on to a trailer. If you are building your oven into an enclosed unit, such as a caravan, you can fill the void with extra insulation. Alternatively, to reduce the area of insulation needed if the space is large, non combustible panels can be fixed round the oven.

As always, if you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01425 204985. One of our technical guys, Patrick, has had lots of experience with building ovens into trailers and is more than happy to help.

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