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4 tips to help your oven reach its optimum temperature quickly and efficiently


Getting your oven to reach its optimum temperature can sometimes be tricky especially if you haven’t cooked in a wood fired oven before.For many of our customers it is a case of trial and error and getting used to the different techniques involved. The first step is making sure you fire up your wood fired oven correctly. For everything you need to know about doing this make sure you have a thorough read of our guide all about how to fire up your wood fired oven like a pro.

To be even more helpful, we’ve also picked out our 4 top tips to help you make sure your oven reaches its optimum temperature quickly and efficiently!

1. Always make sure you store all wood, whether it is our briquettes or kiln dried logs in a dry place to be effective. Damp or wood that has a high moisture content will not only cause a lot of smoke but will make it significantly harder for your oven to reach its optimum temperature quickly and efficiently.

2. Never be afraid to add wood to your fire. Sometimes we find that our customers ovens struggle to reach their optimum temperature simply because they are not adding enough wood needed to keep that fire going!

3. It’s also important to always make sure that your oven reaches it’s optimum temperature (roughly 450°c) every time you fire up, even if you are cooking at lower temperatures. Doing this will ensure that the dome and base are fully saturated with heat, which is essential for heat retention and making sure your oven doesn’t cool quickly. A great indicator as to when your oven has reached its optimum temperature is to wait for a clear patch to appear inside the dome of your oven.

4. If your oven is in its core form, then we would always recommend coating the dome with our sealant, which will ensure that your oven is fully waterproof. If you haven’t done this already, it may mean that your oven material is quite wet, which will affect your heat up times. Once your oven has dried out, apply a layer of sealant to the external oven dome every 6 months. If your oven is built in, please disregard this point – your oven is fully protected from the elements!

If you need anymore information about how to use your wood fired oven, please email The Stone Bake Team- or give us a call on 01425 204985.